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Drink Responsibly T-Shirt
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About this product
Style: Men's Basic T-Shirt

Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight t-shirt will quickly become one of your favorites. Made from 100% cotton, it wears well on anyone. We’ve double-needle stitched the bottom and sleeve hems for extra durability. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it to make it uniquely yours!

Size & Fit

  • Model is 6’2” and is wearing a medium
  • Standard fit
  • Fits true to size

Fabric & Care

  • 100% cotton (Heathers are a cotton/poly blend)
  • Tagless label for comfort
  • Double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom
  • Imported
  • Machine wash cold
About this design
Drink Responsibly T-Shirt
The availability of bottled water is undoubtedly one of the most convenient and essential part of most of peoples lives. This convenience comes at a very high price so consuming bottled water is a responsibility shared by anyone drinking this product and it is a product. Soft drink beverage manufacturers and non soft drink manufactures make billions of dollars of revenue from bottled water and it is a great product. The costs are real, obtaining the water, some water sources are from underground aquifers which become depleted and are not sustainable or renewable and other water sources. The carbon factor of transporting the water, packaging of the water, the most commonly used water bottled container is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is derived from crude oil. Then shipping the completed finished product to market and providing the consumer the convenience of bottled water. Now comes even more responsibility the disposal of the bottle water container, out of sight out of mind. Nine out of ten water bottles end up in landfills over 30 million containers roughly a day and over a thousand years to biodegrade and this is only the United States not factoring in the world, big responsibly consuming bottled water. Some countries and cities do a great job recycling some don’t but it still is the consumer who has to decide is the price of bottle water worth the price. Supply and demand drives and moves all markets. Surprisingly for the most part city or municipality water is very drinkable they are regulated vigorously. Manufactures are motivated by profit and respond to financial vested interest and what the consumer will and will not buy, big bucks at stake. Investigate the source of the water, contacting the manufactures consumer division, let them know your concerns and ask what type of water bottle container is used they won’t ignore you. Find out if where you live, how the bottled water container is recycled or disposed of, you might be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised. If you think this a small thing to do, it is not it is big. You can always filter your tap water and when you need the convenience of bottled water buy it, use it only when you need the convenience. Sooner or later the manufacturer will rethink what type of bottled water container they should be using, but you have to tell them you want change and they will do it, too much money at stake not to mention planet Earth. Get on the WWW and find out for yourself what is what, not only drinking responsibly H2O this is environmentally sound and Earth friendly.
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Drink Responsibly T-Shirt

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9 results
"bottled water is a rip"
By FatLemon, 10/2/2009 about
most of the water comes from public sources and is actually higher cost to consumer. plus, bottled water tests much higher for contaminants. used to work at the portland water bureau and checked this with water quality group. at least this is my take on the subject. all the best, fl/j
"HP - check this out"
By FatLemon, 10/2/2009 about
Video: Glenn Beck's Secret for Crying on Cue: Vicks VapoRub Under the Eyes by Adele Stan, AlterNet A leaked video of a Glenn Beck photo shoot shows the FOX News host having a substance applied under his eyes, which then begin to stream for the camera. It's one of those great mysteries: How does Glenn Beck, propagandist and D-list actor, get himself to cry on cue? A rogue video making the rounds of the Internet offers an answer: an eye-watering substance applied under the eyes, which Ron Brynaert at The Raw Story suggests to be Vicks VapoRub. Beck’s Fraud
"Great shirt"
By Brotherbock, 6/29/2009 about
Thanks for the comment on my 'Clocktower' shirt. This one here is excellent. Great design and great message.
By BLuECaT DeMoCraT, 10/17/2008 about
Great shirt! You should post it on the PUR water filter site. They would love it too LOL
"Wonderful message!! must Live responsibly always!"
By Illustrations by Lyuda, 1/30/2008 about
we filter our tap water, but the filter too uses a lot of plastic with no recycle sign on it. We break the filter and take the charcoal out, put it in our recycle bin, but what happens with it after that? nobody knows. Every product on the market is over packaged in non recyclable plastic (or if it is recyclable, it does not show) - really frustrating
"Drink Responsibly... "
By Donamaria - Journey Through Time, 11/16/2007 about
Agreed. Some companies bottle "tap" water. Some companies bottle "natural springs"...So, drink responsibly. And, WE think PLASTIC is a bad thing - real and fake. :)
By Midnight Sun Gallery, 9/15/2007 about
By hinkiepinkie, 9/8/2007 about
Thank you so much for your comment and viewing this little graphic, I do appreciate it very much iiiyaaa.
By , 9/8/2007 about
I love this shirt!
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9 results

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