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VALENTINES SALE!! Haha, I wish, I can't make a sale, I don't own the company. But I can shove all my Valentines items under your nose. So please buy that gift that says, "I bought this online to show my love for you." Nothing says it better than my stuff. Hi, I'm Jason, and this is my gallery. I started with my brother, but now it's just me (he now has his own gallery, it's http://www.zazzle.com/danman111111). Lately, I've tried to add more stuff about my religion, because part of being a Christian is spreading the word. But I have more than just that in my gallery, I have animals, dating jokes, yo mamma stuff, and just plain random funnies. Please email me your thoughts on my products at jazzremixed@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time, your visits, and if you bought something, your money. Oh yea, I'm emo/goth/punk/nerd/metal head so that's why a lot of this random junk is here. And, I'M ONLY 14 YEARS OLD! Don't expect Picasso from me. I do not support much of what goes on at Zazzle; I do not support the increase of sexual jokes on this site. But, I do support the fact Zazzle is allowing people like me and thousands of others to create their products (even if they aren't family friendly) thank you for listening.

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"great Gallery"
By Trebor43, 12/13/2008 about
You have some great items here. I placed your "Bible Tie" in my "Favorites" list.
"nice gallery"
By lissame73, 10/3/2007 about
By ja_tees, 11/28/2006 about
love your work and am planning on joinin your fam club, if u wish id be happy to have u in mine
By redleprachon14, 10/12/2006 about
like the luke skywalker shirt, it's really funny.
"awesome products"
By unscenephnomenon, 8/15/2006 about
You have some really awesome products and a lot of your shirts are really funny! Keep it up, you have a lot of talent and are very creative.
By redleprachon14, 7/26/2006 about
I like your llama shirts, I'm a hot llama, just don't tell anyone!
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