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the radio free exile super swag emporium
something for your head
penfield, new york
Radio Free Exile is a creative commons licensed podcast, available on the web 24/7 featuring cutting edge Indie Music, Spoken Word, and Commentary. It can be found at This is all about supporting exileguy, who stays up all night in his alternately cold & drafty and hot & stuffy attic and puts his shows together along with incredible run-on sentences. He hasn't slept in years, and is always at the point of collapse but manages to pull it together with copious amounts of caffeine, tobacco and reefer to upload his amazing shows to the internet for your entertainment and enjoyment. Why? Because he is out of his friggin' mind. So, there you have it. All of it. Nothing hidden, deleted, altered, made more palatable, or invented. Honest. No, really.
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Comments (138)
Midnight Dreamer Studio commented on exileguy 12/19/2011
"!Awesome Store!"
Those bumper stickers are great, made me smile my friend, especial the 'childproofing house' one ;) You are quite the creative creator! Peace, Leah♥
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SuzeeQ commented on exileguy 12/19/2011
"You've got a Fun Gallery!"
Thanks for joining my Fan Club! I'm a fan of yours, too.
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"This is an awesome gallery!"
Your shop is loaded with lots of cool & unique designs! I'm a BIG fan:)
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No comments yet.