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My name is John(Danny) I used to drive Big Rig, the pictures I will be using in my products were all taking by myself while I was travelling down the highway. Some of the pictures are from stops along the way. I am brand new to Zazzle I will be learning as I go, more pictures and product's on the way weekly. The pictures are from all over North America! I do hope you enjoy 'the view from my office!' A poem I wrote for TRUCKER's! It's 5am the sun is just starting to rise as you wipe the sleep out of your eye's Get together what's left of your wit's was 13hrs yesterday maxed out Yet you got to let thunder roll grabbing a giant mug of java You circle check on first approach, kicking those tire's You haul on up into that air ride seat them big pedal's against your feet Flash on those light's no where to hide float back outside before you ride Lights all working, slack is right, fluids in check, belt's all tight all looks in shape Back up you go crank over that key, she rumbles, the stacks begin to blow Look at those dial's the air pressure is up, might need in dire measure Your all ready for another maxed out day 500 mile's of endless terrain Your load is maxed out at 55,000 pounds, turn up those tune's Slam in that clutch, jam her in 1st gear ease her out, 550 cat roars 2nd gear, 3rd now 4th, 5th, 6th oh why not your rolling now hammer down Final gear ,kick it in, engine thunder's, 18 wheel's gliding down the highway 497 mile's to go feel the power up there vibrating through your bone's Coming up around next bend clean mountain air, clear blue sunny sky Why cause your a truck driver is there any better job in the world Author: John DTW website: http://www.squidoo.com/poems-on-love-EOMH143 THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY MY STORE!

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