Abraham Lincoln
Claude Monet
Eleanor Roosevelt
Pope Benedict XVI
Barack Obama
John F. Kennedy

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FabPeople stands for fabulous and famous people. These images of vintage movie stars, political figures, famous historical people and famous paintings are in the public domain. Of course, FabPeople may get creative with some of these with collages, unique one of a kind looks, pop art and other art techniques. The first set of photos in this shop is to honor and pay tribute to the former Pope Benedykt XVI. Send a message to sandy@sandyspider.com or sandyswebnetwork@gmail.com if you would like to see any of these designs on a product not shown. I will gladly make a custom-made product just for you. To Search for a particular product, just type in the words in the search box and the drop down menu will narrow it down to the product you are looking for. Buy in bulk for extra savings. My images are copyrighted and have a digital thumb print on file. They are protected at My Zazzle and Other Stores as shown on my Profile Page : Very Good Friend's Store: Be sure to visit Gifts You Treasure .

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