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Looking for geek chic? Check out the Fan Base section. Looking for random, weird & funny, with the occasional dash of goth? Then don't miss the other collections. Bits of Tid - definition: items of curiosity, motivation, wonderment, humor & amusement; items not always known, but recognized when found or discovered; undefinable sense of recognition; fun for your mind & your spirit; means of amusing, confusing & illuminating your mind & your soul. We even has a special place for the geeks, gamers, & other members of fandom to find fabulousity. If you like what you see, please take a moment to tell others by tweeting or posting to your fave social site, & cast a vote with 5 stars; if you really like it, take a little more time to post a friendly comment, too. And if you really, really, really like what you see, wear it!

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12 results
By OnlyFunStuff, 7/22/2009 about
nice gallery, I'm a fan.
"great gallery!"
By VampOut, 7/12/2009 about
Love your Sookie Stackhouse t-shirt.
By toetoedesign, 4/19/2009 about
Great Work Ever !! [ toetoedesign ]
"Thank you so much for your great comment on my Warwick Castle Red Knight print!"
By SuzeeQ, 4/28/2008 about
I'm so glad you like him! I hope you're having a terrific week and I'm going to go explore your super Gallery again!
"Thanks for ur comment on my "Bee"..wish u love my "Ladybug" too"
By picololo, 4/22/2008 about
"Nice Gallery "
By DoviGirl2008, 4/18/2008 about
Its Always nice to see new stuff and share thoughts keep up the great work
"Thanks for the comment on my Who's the Alien t-shirt."
By SuzeeQ, 4/3/2008 about
I thought it would be something a little different. LOL. Have a stupendous day!
"Thank you..."
By SuzeeQ, 3/24/2008 about
...for joining my Fan Club and for your comment on my Roswell UFO museum photo. Roswell is very proud of it's UFO heritage and you wouldn't believe the number of UFO shops and heavy influence on downtown decorating. I've got some more photos I'll have to put up soon. I'm gonna go explore your site some more! I hope you had a Terrific Holiday Weekend!
"You are so welcome"
By jiveafro, 3/24/2008 about
Thank you so much for your kind words. Please look around in my gallery. I have a lot of stuff. JG My train of thought has derailed.
By jenland, 3/22/2008 about
Very witty and fun! Love your gallery.
"Terrific Gallrey!"
By SuzeeQ, 3/21/2008 about
Your work is great and I really like your sense of humor!
"Love you!"
By angelohara, 3/19/2008 about
I'm so happy you've joined the Zazzle madness ;) My best wishes on your biz! XO
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12 results