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Chandler, Arizona, United States
Store opened on 12/6/2005

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I love art in all its forms. Painting digitally gives me the opportunity to combine two loves of mine: painting and computers! Some days are colorful and some are monochrome this you will see reflected in the art I produce. I hope that you'll enjoy my world as much as I do! *Proud to be listed (under Marques) in the Digital Artists & Illustrators, the directory for imaginative art dedicated to digital illustrators from around the world. Northern America Section! http://www.fantasy-artists.co.uk/digital-artists/ My main store: http://www.zazzle.com/occitania* ♥ Use the contact form for any questions you might have, I'll respond in a short delay.

Inspired By

Acoustic guitar, masters of impressionism, digital painting and color-pencil drawing. Photography.

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