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Unique, Custom Clothing, Home Goods, Collectibles and Keepsakes for Animal Lovers and Pet Owners Proceeds are donated to support shelter animals. Shop our one-of-a-kind merchandise for pet owners and animals lovers, including adopters of shelter pets and advocates for shelter animal adoption. You will find designs themed for dogs, cats, hamsters and birds. These products make special gifts as is or customized or personalized! All designs are original and by Gratzer Graphics LLC. Please consider adopting, not buying, your next pet. Did you know that: many shelter animals are purebreds? mixed breeds are not prone to many of the health problems that some breeds face? you can get a fully trained, housebroken dog at a shelter? and that you are literally saving a life when adopting or fostering an animal? Nature lovers will appreciate our selection of products featuring frog and flower photography.

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By Zap Time, 9/12/2012 about
A worthwhile store with a good cause. Glad to have found you and your beautifully designed products.
"My Canvas Cat Shoes"
By MarciaCox, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for your compliment. I didn't realize that they were included in today's bests. I didn't see them there when they were posted.
By Daydreams Designs by Cheri, 12/3/2011 about
Thank you for your comment on my have some wonderful products and for a great cause =)
By FCACshelter, 9/28/2011 about
Thanks for the nice comments! :)
By She_Wolf_Medicine, 4/18/2011 about
Your 'Peace Love Paws' design is fun & a pretty reminder to all of us!
By AlwaysOpen, 4/18/2011 about
Hello, I wanted to tell you that your store is beautiful. I am an animal lover, also, and really appreciate your store. Best wishes always
By Belinha Fernandes, 4/9/2011 about
Joined Fc! Great job!Hi! I'm Belinha from A Portuguese Love. I featured one of your products and if you want to see it, visit my blog!Have a creative weekend!
By FCACshelter, 4/7/2011 about
Thanks for the nice comments! :)
"Thank you..."
By all_items, 4/5/2011 about
For joining my fanclub. Mutual fans now. I love the idea of your store. Best wishes to you!
"Wonderful idea to raise money for these needy animals"
By Christian_Art, 2/27/2011 about
My it be outrageously successful! Terry
By DoodlesGifts, 2/23/2011 about
for joining our fanclub. Mutual fans now. Best wishes to you.
"Your Work"
By SublimeHues, 1/25/2011 about
You do Great Work! I Love your Products too!
By FCACshelter, 12/23/2010 about
Zazzlesbest, thank you so much! i appreciate it :)
"Great Job!"
By zazzlesbest, 12/23/2010 about
Keep up the good work, wonderful products!
By FCACshelter, 12/4/2010 about
Lynn, I will check out your store too. Thank you for such a nice comment! :)
"Great cause which is close to my heart!"
By LynnsDiscountStore, 12/3/2010 about
I just had to say your store is Fantastic and love your designs!! Your more then welcome to check out my new store and maybe leave a comment you can also join my fan club if you would like I have joined yours. Peace, ~Lynn~
By FCACshelter, 11/30/2010 about
Thanks to each of you for the congrats. I appreciate it. :)
By loreenfinn, 11/28/2010 about
Congrats on your TBA!
By pixibition, 11/28/2010 about
thanks for yr congrats on my TBA-L business card:-)
"Congrats & Thanks"
By BartzPeterson, 11/28/2010 about
Congratulations on your TBA and thanks for stopping by our store too. All my best, Russ
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