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The Founding Of The Feral Cat Caretakers Coalition (FCCC) The Feral Cat Caretakers Coalition was formed when it’s founder, Dona Cosgrove Baker, a caretaker herself, was profoundly moved by the suffering of feral cats and kittens. She was called to the often times overwhelming responsibility and commitment required to care for a large number of feral cats, scattered over several acres in an industrial area in Los Angeles, California. While caretaking, she experienced an unconscionable lack of support and understanding from the community, and on numerous occasions, overt hostility. She knew that feral cat caretakers were great in number and were caring for feral cats and kittens under similar or worse circumstances. Dona recognized that if feral cat caretakers were organized as well as effectively directed and collectively supported, they would be a forceful instrument in providing a specialized solution for humane feral cat population control and responsible long-term care. By joining together with FCCC, the caretakers could then become a unified force and voice for the compassionate care of feral cats. Experience taught her that trapping cats was only the beginning of a lifetime commitment once the cats were returned to the original home site. She realized that it would be the responsibility of the feral cat caretaker to provide care for cats that may live 10-12 years. The significance of the quality of care provided to the cats upon return, is the main focus and mission of FCCC. OUR MISSION STATEMENT FCCC’s mission, in the interests of feral cats everywhere, is to support feral cat caretakers, gain recognition of the beneficial role that caretakers perform, implement the trap, neuter and return (TNR) method of population control, and promote the adoption of long-term, caretaker-based solutions regarding feral cats. Specifically, our purpose and commitment are to: * Facilitate the work of caretakers in caring for feral cats and controlling feral cat population growth. * Provide a communication network and support resources for caretakers. * Project a strong unifying voice for feral cat caretakers and their colonies. * Work with and educate property decision makers and governmental agencies in appropriate and humane solutions for feral cats. * Implement and manage programs that benefit the constituencies we serve.

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It's a great thing that you're doing!
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"Love it!"
By RenascencePub, 12/11/2009 about
Loved Browsing thru the Gallery! I'm a fan now. You are Welcome to my Store!
"The Betterton Cats"
By Victoreeah, 12/7/2009 about
Check out my Squidoo Lens The Betterton CatsA story of one man's efforts to help feral cats in his community.
"Need help pulling a communitiy together"
By jodi74, 10/27/2009 about
A friend and myself are taking care of some feral cats but our little town has no vets willing to help. Any ideas anyone might have on to start getting the help we need would be very much appreciated. Thanks Jodi
By ginnyl52, 7/19/2009 about
Keep up the Great work you are doing! I'm taking care of 6 that live in the woods behind my house... all but 2 have been spayed/neutered.. still trying to catch them :)
"Wonderful Work!"
By roadsideartist, 3/25/2009 about
I've spent a lot of time and $$$ rescuing and caring for feral cats. I wish more people would get involved! Of course, my work with cats has led to some of them having their own t-shirts and cartoons. I guess I just love cats.
"Great cat design!"
By armaiti, 1/3/2008 about
I love your cat design! My youngest cat, Mckenzie, was "dumped" in our yard as a baby...it took months working with her to get her to trust me, but now she's a happy loving kitty - and spayed, of course! - sleeping next to my pillow!
By YOGI_1, 12/21/2007 about
"These Designs are Way Cool!"
By Poetlady, 12/19/2007 about
I just love 'em -- I'm gonna make sure my animal-loving friends find out about your products
"great cause!"
By eelkat, 4/12/2007 about
I have 9 cats, all of whom were once stray/feral cats. They are wounderful!
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