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The launch-pad and kindling to my pen-name, company, and many designs to come. All products can be put on other styles and different merchandise, so don't be afraid to explore your options, as the price changes according to your choice. This is just the seed, but every great oak starts that way. **MAJORITY IS ADULT HUMOR and NOT PC stuff** Unfortunately, to have the option to see all products, you have to have an account, and be signed-in to Zazzle BUT DON'T WORRY, THAT'S FREE AND TOTALLY WORTH IT. Because once you do, the doors open wide, all kinds of fun stuff on the site, and you can unlock all products on my page! TO SEE ALL THESE PRODUCTS all you have to do is scroll down, on the left column under my picture there is a CONTENT FILTER--just turn it to 'OFF' and you're golden! This is the place I put the more grown-up stuff, harsh humor, sex jokes, things that pop into my head when I'm...under influences or in a less-than PC mood (as if I ever am anyway). Enjoy either way, and thanks for your time! More is added quite regularly, sometimes several in a day~so subscribe, or check back often. ALL PRODUCTS CAN BE PUT ON DIFFERENT MERCHANDISE & SEVERAL STYLE OPTIONS, so don't be afraid to explore your options, as PRICE DECREASES/INCREASES according to YOUR CHOICES.

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