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FRACTALLY CREATED GIFTS--AND MORE!...Fractals are known for their beauty, unrestrained color, and depth; almost poetic, intricately faceted, electric, and silken at their best; fragmented, dark, brooding, and downright weird at their basest fundamental level, yet at the same time, unexplainably engrossing. They draw you in with their saturated hues, abstract shapes, and gradient shading, yet many fractals also appear surprisingly organic and natural. This surely must be how our Creator does His work--mathematically and intelligently guided, yet free to expand into infinity. FractaGifts endeavors to take these mathematically generated objects de art, and with different types of cropping, perspective, and gradient screening, apply them to practical everyday useful products, things we all use, and with the help of Zazzle, wouldn't mind giving as gifts to others. If there is something unique or different that you would like to see here at FractaGifts, a color preference or design not already represented, send a Comment or two or three on the form at the bottom of this webscreen or contact us at FractaGifts@gmail.com, and we will try to accommodate your ideas by creating a fractal to match. All suggestions are welcome. (Some items have been made using commercially obtained designs from www.psptubez.com (SEE AD LINK BELOW) and www.graphicxtras.com--stop by and see more at their websites.) And check back here often at FractaGifts, as new items are being added almost daily. (Most of these items can be changed and personalized as YOU see fit. Click "Customize It", then make any changes to the item you want--nothing is written in stone here-- you can be as creative as you like. Also check out Zazzle's new "Embroidery" service. If there is something you would like to have embroidered as a keepsake gift, indicate so when ordering, and (for a one-time fee) Zazzle will convert the artwork to an embroidery file for use on your product.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Snailbert" WAS DRAWN AND CREATED BY BARRY (aka BAZ of pspTubez.com fame) along with CAROL TEN HAVE who did the PAINTING of this delightful childrens' character. BARRY'S store provides much of the childrens' art used by FractaGifts here at Zazzle. Stop by and see his site by clicking on the AD LINK below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WELCOME, and HAPPY ZAZZLING!

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"Thank You!"
By Memories_by_Marie, 12/19/2011 about
Thank you for the nice comments on the shoes! Ebony Abstract Womens' Mini Slip On Shoes by Memories_by_Marie Create your own shoes at zazzle.com
By rondajfractalart, 12/19/2011 about
Beautiful store .I'm a fan
"Thanks for the nice comment"
By JamesOakley, 12/19/2011 about
I'm always glad to discover fellow fractal-artists on Zazzle. Thanks for stopping by...
By sirejo, 9/22/2011 about
Great desings!!!! I am a fan
"Good job!"
By lynnsdesigns, 10/6/2010 about
You have alot of nice designs!
By SlayerX, 4/12/2010 about
Thanks for the comments appreciate it!!
By doodles_daddles, 3/9/2010 about
thanks for the nice comment, that was so kind of you.
By jeanhar1, 2/22/2010 about
Great store! I'm a fan : )
"Thanks to all..."
By FractaGifts, 2/15/2010 about
Thank you for stopping by and all your nice comments.
By doodles_daddles, 2/14/2010 about
you have some beautiful work here.
"Re comment wall"
By Sketchart26, 2/14/2010 about
Thanks also for your wonderful feed back regarding my store. Much appreciated.
"Re Fan Club"
By Sketchart26, 2/14/2010 about
Thanks for joining my fan club. You have such a lovely store. I wish you every success in 2010.
"thank you"
By ARTegrity, 2/8/2010 about
for your nice comments on the "Who Dat trophy" design. I can only take partial credit, as the original design was given to me by someone special who loves New Orleans and the Who Dats!
"Thank you..."
By FractaGifts, 1/6/2010 about
jokioki9--I do use other design items that have been offered free or bought from other artists, but the fractals are strictly my own work. Sometimes I combine fractal backgrounds along with these other pieces of art or use cutout shapes bought from another website to shape my fractals into single items to be used that way. Thanks for joining my fan club, and I do like your work.
By Happysoles, 12/30/2009 about
Thank you, for your great comments on my designs. Much appreciated!
By jokioki9, 12/29/2009 about
Thanks for visiting my site. I also produce original compilation works out of other artists graphics which are licensed for public use. I am currently using the Picnik website. Will have to check out your recommendations. P.S. I joined your fan club
"Thanks for commenting on my shoe"
By mormonapril, 12/29/2009 about
I love the geisha girl items. So very cute and simple! I try to do simple but can't, haha
By beestudiosgallery, 12/29/2009 about
Love your store and designs.
"Thanks !!!"
By affreeisenlohr, 12/29/2009 about
Thanks so much for your nice comment !!! I love your fractal designs !!!
By Jodiephotos, 12/29/2009 about
Thanks for your comment. You have some great stuff
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