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You've dragged yourself out of bed and turned on your computer and took a swallow of coffee. Now you are ready to purchase some of the funniest t-shirts on the internet. TO DO LIST: *Buy Stuff (I Have Children To Feed and Clothe) *Join Fan Club (Always Gives Me A Big Head) *Promote This Gallery (I Always Like Free Publicity) *Send To A Friend (All Two Of Them) LOL *Become An Associate (So You Can Bank Like Me) *Leave Me A Comment (Always Gives Me A Big Head) *Did I Say Buy Stuff? ATTENTION: Be sure to view the entire line of designs that are available. Look over to the right under "product types" and you will be able to navigate to each product type and view all of the designs available on those products.

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By jeanhar1, 2/1/2010 about
Thank you for your support and joining my fan club. My Zazzle profile isn't very detailed, so I would like to personally invite you to my official website. www.jeanhartartwork.com I look forward to your visit and don't forget to sign my guestbook and subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for being a fan, ~ Jean
"Clever slogans"
By mindpixels, 11/4/2008 about
Great Ts
"Fun Gallery!"
By Lizreg, 7/26/2008 about
Made me chuckle! :~) LIZ
By darling_designs, 7/25/2008 about
You have some pretty funny designs
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