Border Collie - Soccer Anyone?
Boxer and Pal - Was That a Dolphin?
Boxer Doberman - Play Date at the Beach
Dalmatian - Solo
Doberman - Black - Bogie
Doberman - Black - Ocean Leap
Doberman - Red - Bad to the Bone
Doberman and Min Pin - LOOK! A Mini Me!
Doberman and Rhodesian Ridgeback - Frisbee Play
Dog - Here I Come....
Dog - Joy of the Surf
Golden Retriever EVERYBODY STOP! I Lost My Contact
Great Dane - Harlequin - Bogey
Great Dane - Harlequin - My Tongue Touches My Nose
LabraDoodle - Happy Day on the Beach
Labrador - Yellow - Go Fetch!
Poodle - Apricot - Poodle Play
Rhodesian Ridgeback - Is the Water Cold?
Rhodesian Ridgeback - Leap
Saluki Portrait
Saluki Stroll on the Beach
Schnauzer - Jr is a Happy Boy!
Sheepdog and Poodle - Me and My Pal

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