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thanks so much for visiting our zazzle.com page! congratulations to all the t-shirt submission finalists: justin staton, frances carlson, jesse thomas, dana van woert, molly sampadian and (our winner!) katherine boyer. please check out all the different designs and products that we have to offer - zazzle.com allows you to take a design and put it on absolutely anything! if you have any trouble or questions, don't hesitate to shoot us an e-note. please keep staying involved with the free.will.power [www.MyFreeWillPower.com] - we’re about the future – and that includes you. It’s about connecting our personal lives with the political process—and we know the best way to protect reproductive rights in the future is by connecting with people who agree with us and then giving them the opportunity to bring even more people to our cause.

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"The versatility of the fist"
By DamianaRaven, 4/16/2009 about
I think it shows a certain limitation of imagination that violence (and punching) is the only action some people can associate with the fist. A fist can also be used to grasp something and hold it. Can't you imagine a fist full of daisies? It also gives you something to do with your fingers so they don't go flapping around when you're waving your arms about in joyous abandon. It flexes the muscles of the forearm, making it a good form of isometric exercise. Some people use it in their lovemaking. (Eew, but not violent or wrong.) Of all the ways the ways the fist can be used, it's YOU who chose the punch to the exclusion of all others. Oh and by the by, if you make me have to punch you, I wouldn't dream of using my fist. I'd use the heel of my palm - hurts you more and me less! :)
"the fist as symbol"
By gerrij, 12/24/2008 about
Given how violent our world is, it's not difficult to see how the fist could be perceived the same way. However, we know the fist in this case is a symbol of resistance to those who would strip us of our right to choose. Sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in. Fighting, in this case, is not physical.
"to opuleez"
By freewillpower, 12/23/2008 about
it's a little restrictive, because there are limited areas where we can add images/text, etc. let me draft something for you, if you'd like. feel free to email me at my NARAL Pro-Choice America address at c.an@prochoiceamerica.org to continue this conversation (it's easier there!)
"Alternate placement of design for T's"
By opuleez, 12/23/2008 about
Is there any way an alternate layout can be created where the web address is above the left pocket area (I know there is no pocket, but you get my drift) and the fist on the back? As a busty woman, I'd really prefer to not have people stare at my chest to read this beautiful and powerful message.
By SARA500, 12/20/2008 about
The raised fist has been a symbol of freedom and resistance for ages... it's been used (and still is) by the Feminist movement, the Socialist movement, and famously by the Black Panthers. I voted for this T-shirt, and I'm very proud to use the feminists' women-symbol fist in my own life.
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5 results