Sock Monkey Face
Little Buddy Says, You Play NOW!
Sock Monkey
I Heart Sock Monkey
Little Buddy
Li'l Crab
Lipstick Hippie
Mae Says Love!
Peace Monkeys
The Queen!
Just A Little Crabby
Austin's Batty!
Gratitude 100% Guaranteed
Lost and Loving It!
Can't Box Cowgirls
Sock Monkeys Rule!
Fresh & Strong Cowgirl!
Batty Austin Colors
Black Slime
Green Slime

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Welcome to Fresh & Strong! We offer silly wares for silly wearers... enjoy in joy! Sock Monkey is my most popular design, will take you to all products with every variation of Sock Monkey :-) Ya gotta love sock monkeys! create & buy custom products at Zazzle

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By SherryHolderHunt, 12/19/2011 about
Thank you for dropping by my gallery and for the wonderful comments! Just love the sock monkey and the li'l crab, they're fantastic!
By dreamingagain, 12/19/2011 about
The New Group Challenge is "A Gift For Billy or Sally"... The Challenge is to come up with the Best Christmas Gift for a Boy or a Girl. Does not need the name Billy or Sally in the peice. So Imagine you are 12yrs old all over again and what would you want for Christmas at Zazzle? Entries Due by Friday the 19th. Post your Entry in the comment section at Insomniacs... Title it ( To: Sally) or ( To: Billy )... One Entry per Gallery!Happy Holiday's!Kimberly
By udonchow, 12/19/2011 about
Halo halo! I'm back (though I was really kinda sad to be back), have always loved the northern part of Thailand, one of the best place to live in Thailand in my opinion :D So me and hubby are thinking of ready anytime but my hubby has more considerations so I have to be patient :D We spent most of our $ on food and some decor items, great buys! So you moving to Hawaii anytime soon? :D
"I'm doing fine. I just can't have one more. Then I'm hooked again!"
By BitsOfWhimsy, 12/19/2011 about
It's all that high fructose addictive corn syrup they use! LOL!
By udonchow, 12/19/2011 about
Hi Jen! Are you all ready for Hawaii?? ^ _ ^ I've been there once and I loooove it, such a fun and idyllic environment :D How long will you be there? I've been busy lately too...returned to my momentum of painting and less surfing,haha! Just set up my etsy store (finally!!) to sell my originals 2 days can visit me there Adding more as time goes along. When you are there in hawaii, do keep in touch and share your adventures there! :D Big smiles, Ellen
By Heartworks, 12/24/2010 about
Alohaaaa! How've you beeeeen? Hope things are looking well for you and your loved ones! Wishing you a very merry and meaningful Christmas and 2011! ^ _ ^
By Insomniacs, 9/25/2009 about
It's a Halloween Costume Party!!! - CHALLENGE and You're invited!!!Anyone Can Enter... So tell your Friends!!!
"Lolcat mug thanks you. :)"
By chemistrycourtney, 8/13/2009 about
Thanks much. :) It's my friend's cat peanut. Peanut is quite the character really. lol.
"Neat Gallery"
By DoviGirl2008, 4/27/2009 about
Dovi im a fan
By udonchow, 4/26/2009 about
Hihi! Are you having an extended vacation? ^ _ ^ What's Fb?
By udonchow, 4/26/2009 about
Halo Jen ! Missed you, how are things over at your side? Are you in hawaii or NY now? Hope to hear from you and do catch up!! Take care ^ _ ^ Cheers Ellen
By udonchow, 2/24/2009 about
Hi Jen! You must be having a fabulous time there!! Are you coming back anytime soon? Me leaving tomorrow morning and be back on the 4th Mar :D Thanks for having Sonia over, I love this little one too! Will keep you posted of my trip, meanwhile, enjoy!! :D Hugs!!
By MuggleSam, 2/14/2009 about
Love your sock monkey!
By udonchow, 2/10/2009 about
Good morning Jen! How are things with you? Brought you a donut for today's breakfast...and a dreamer's quote.."If you have to be a follower, be a follower of your dreams." :D Have a sweet beautiful day!! ^ _ ^ Ellen
By udonchow, 2/10/2009 about
So you have your head in the clouds too! :D That's great cos that's where the dreamlab is...where hopes of today become realities of tomorrow! Cheers to you, me and all the feelow dreamers of this world! Thanks dear for spotlighting Dreamer Mug here! Cheers Ellen
By udonchow, 2/10/2009 about
Hi Jen!! I'm going to the wedding registry tomorrow to get married ^ _ ^ in Bangkok Thailand, my husband to be is a Thai :D So on the eve of my big day, I thought it be good to do some work,hehe....hope you like this photo collage of Ophelia too ^ _ ^ She's a finger puppet toy from san frans, a friend on honeymoon bought it for me :D Enjoy,my friend!! Cheers Ellen An Owl Named Ophelia by Heartworks Make a photo greeting card on zazzleBrowse Animals Pets Cards
"You are Officially invited to the "Holiday Greetings" challenge..."
By jtgauntt, 2/10/2009 about
You are Officially invited to the "Holiday Greetings" challenge... Post your Entry in the comment section at Insomniacs... Entry due by Friday the 21st and then voting starts by Poll Daddy. Come by insomniacs to check out more of the details... Happy Friday!
"Love Meditations!"
By FreshandStrong, 2/10/2009 about
Love Meditations by udonchow Create a custom sticker On ZazzleBrowse other Animals Pets Stickers
By udonchow, 2/10/2009 about
Hi Jen! Welcome back!! How was the seminar? Work related or self-enrichment? :D I'm been quite busy parents came over to Bangkok for a visit, we had some great moments, their love and understanding really touched my heart :D Busy with housekeeping issues too, getting ready for the new year....and maybe planning for a island getaway next month to celebrate my husband's birthday :D How are you celebrating Christmas? You spending it in NY? Sending you big smiles and joy this season! :D Cheers Ellen
By udonchow, 2/10/2009 about
Hi Jen! Hope you are already feeling better today!! Sending a big smile your way, have a beautiful sunday! :D Cheers Ellen
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