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T-shirts and bumper stickers with a variety of themes. Currently specializing in 'conservativewear' or 'conservativeware' . We also feature t-shirts for the automotive enthusiast and other designs with broad appeal and bereft of controversy, some with obtuse humor, and some original 'Pop Art' designs.

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By frostmychapsTshirts, 11/17/2013 about
Thanks, Jerry. I'm in the process of redoing my native site. I'll make sure the links to your stuff are complete. It's slow going with the redo, though. Tell me about it! I totally miss the old look. I had to redo a bunch of my catagory thumbs so they'd show up. You should consider getting on facebook with your store and a personal page. Everybody in the movement is on there.
"Your graphic designs on shirts"
By Jerry Dolan, 11/17/2013 about
Your designs are to the point and clearly illustrated. I put your Shirt and Bumper Sticker on my website:http://www.dolan1776.com/ Also have your website link and thank you for my link on your website. See my other zazzle store http://www.zazzle.com/dolan1776 and you know http://www.zazzle.com/obamavoodoo Keep up the good work. I still miss the way our shops use to look and work. In God We Trust Jerry
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2 results