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NW Suburbs, Chicago, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands  
About has three main focal points pertaining to design; conservative politics, 'pop' art (for lack of a better term), and automotive themed. Humor could be a fourth I suppose. grew out of a need for a creative outlet and an urge to have my voice heard politically, and to a degree artistically, The current political environment, which I have termed 'leaping socialism'* made this project more urgent. As such, the primary focus for now is political, and the bulk of the designs reflect this. In the future more designs will be added to other categories. In particular, the automotive themed products are poised to increase in variety in the near future as they are currently cached in a developmental phase. Please check back every once in a while for new products in any category.
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Political - conservative
Random & Misc. Humor
Obscure Memorabilia
Comments (2)
frostmychapsTshirts commented on frostmychapsTshirts 11/17/2013
Thanks, Jerry. I'm in the process of redoing my native site. I'll make sure the links to your stuff are complete. It's slow going with the redo, though. Tell me about it! I totally miss the old look. I had to redo a bunch of my catagory thumbs so they'd show up. You should consider getting on facebook with your store and a personal page. Everybody in the movement is on there.
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Jerry Dolan commented on frostmychapsTshirts 11/17/2013
"Your graphic designs on shirts"
Your designs are to the point and clearly illustrated. I put your Shirt and Bumper Sticker on my website: Also have your website link and thank you for my link on your website. See my other zazzle store and you know Keep up the good work. I still miss the way our shops use to look and work. In God We Trust Jerry
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