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Froze Fester Claus Fully Customizable Claus Man Aprons
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Froze Fester Claus Fully Customizable Claus Man Aprons
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About this product
Size: Standard Apron
<p> Enjoy cooking, painting, or gardening paint or garden in this classic apron. It's super useful with its three spacious front pockets - perfect for all your utensils and tools. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it and unleash your creativity!</p> <p> Made from a 35/65 cotton-poly twill blend, it’s machine washable and a bit wider than our longer version. 24" L x 28in " W.</p> <p> Made in the USA.</p>
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About this design
Froze Fester Claus Fully Customizable Claus Man
Go to town customizing this, the very first FESTER CLAUS product of any kind. He's there, multi-colored beers is there. All whats needed is you. Write a love note to yer boosummust beer buddy, yer beau or to yer favorite barkeep. They will just flat love you right on back when you give them this, the gift of Fester Claus. PLEASE SEE below: the story of ol' Fester Claus (Gotta See A Bear About A Beer-_-Thank You). Put a frame all 'round of a color and thickness of yer choozin'. Add a background color and change the whole mood o' the mug lug. Check out BLACK. Add pitchers froom yer own computater. Zazzle has 126 colors frumwhich to chews and I lose count every time I try to count the number of Fonts that are at yers and my fingertips just by clicking on the CUSTOMIZE IT! button. Do it, git along now, go on into town and git all artistic like. Heeyawww! Merry Christmas! and remember not only is there a full moon this New Years Eve, it's a Blue Moon, Festus, so Happy New Year! P.S. Now don't you worry yer perty little head none 'bout puttin' no beer slingin' bear on one o' yer youngins. Ol' Fester Claus has been deliverin' Christmas quenchers fer as long as the ol' Knicker Man. He's got sparklin' water fer them and it comes in the schmanciest of colors like you got yer Pinki Girlsenberry and then there's yer Banamanah Cream Poof, you got yer Knee High To A Grape, Goo Green, Merrily Cherry and rounding out the line-up yer got yer Beary Beary Blooberry. Oh, I could be confused about that blue moon thing. As a matter of fact it might have happened, like, last year, like. I must have had too good a time that I fergot all about it or maybe it is this year. Anyway I don't rightly know on account that my cowender is defective, like. And Whenever. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Gotta see a bear about a beer, namely one Fester Claus. ‘Tis the season to get beery and when this time o' year rolls around it's best to go sit on the lap of ol' Fester and read off your list. He loves hearing the names of beers he's long since forgotten and reminiscing 'bout good times spent pounding the suckers. He jumps at the chance to recommend an "upgrade" to your wish list and assures that the Claus Man will be able to DElivever. Ol' Fester Claus has a very special relationship with the breweries. They SMILE whenever they see ol' Fest scalin' the walls. They complained only once, that very first time but when Fester told them his life story they understood immediately why he has an aversion for front doors. Anyway, this year I do believe I have compiled a list that is going to bring a tear to Fester Claus's eye. It even contains a beer that is no longer brewed. Not only does the brewery no longer exist but neither does the country in which the brewery brewed it. And brew they did in that there brewery, some of the finest pilsners you ever did hammer. Ol' Fester Claus is no doubt going to make up some tall tale about having to go see a man about some horse or something but I'm sure he's gonna lose it and dump me on the floor like the sack of potatoes that I am and signal his Fester's Helpers to run interference while he ducks behind his throne to compose himself. When Fester Claus arrives at my fridge early in the morning on the 25th to present me with what I know will be the finest selection of brews, well, he'll be greeted with a huge stack of his favorite pancakes, three dozen miniature chocolate donuts, a box of cheeseburgers to go and a frosty 40 ounce bottle of that very beer what you can't get no more and that I was savin' for just this kind of special occasion. I only hope they ain't too tremendous a amount o' damage when he sees that bottle and reads the note and he then frrreeeeeks out with joy. I sure hope you make arrangeminx to go see the Claus Man soon as possible like. You gots to stay up really late as oppose to get up real early like to make an appointmink for to get a chance to go sit on ol' Fester Claus's lap before all the tickets is snatched up. But I know you're gonna say that it were well worth it. Well, its gittin' late and, you know, gotta see a bear about a beer. I wish for you and yern a Beary Merry Christmas and a Happy Gnu Year! Or is it the year of the yak? I always git them two mixed up. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Copyright (C) 2010 Marti J. Hughes
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Artwork designed by
MJ12club Arizona, United States

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Froze Fester Claus Fully Customizable Claus Man Aprons

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