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Galaxy of Stars is out of this world. Many of us are lost in space, but at the galaxy here, we find the amazing view of the stars and everything out beyond the sky. View photos of the Nebula, formation of new stars and the colorful mass of gasses. The universe is still a phenomenal mystery. Send a message to or if you would like to see any of these designs on a product not shown or have questions. I will gladly make a custom-made product just for you. To Search for a particular product, just type in the words in the search box on the side bar and the drop down menu will narrow it down to the product you are looking for. Buy in bulk for extra savings. Find my website directory at Thank you for visiting and making a purchase. It has been my pleasure offering a quality product. If it says, "Product Image not available", just click on the link. This is a glitch with Zazzle and the product is available. All these photos from NASA follow the rights to use rules that are located within their website. Any NASA notation that is required is either place on the photo or description, according to their rules to usage of their images. Use of NASA's insignia or logo is an infringement and not use in any of these photos. Also note that many of the images here have been enhanced with a thumbprint on file. My Zazzle and Other Stores: Very Good Friend's Store: Be sure to visit Gifts You Treasure . Clocks | Posters | Mugs | Stamps | Business Cards | Cards | Labels | Stationary | Mousepads | Planners | Binders Ties | Shirts | Pet Clothing | Bags | Pillows | Pet Bowls

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"Hi =)"
By SpectacularDesigns / Mike Finley, 5/21/2013 about
WOW!....I very much love these designs... You are very talented... Keep up the good work and I wish you many sells =) ...Have a good day and God bless =)
"Beautiful concept & idea !"
By Aymar j Mabika, 12/28/2012 about
Well designed, great concept by the way....different ! wish u all the best !
"Liking it"
By Korey and Madeline, 8/12/2012 about
Hello I really like your store, The stars are great but I am more of a moon person lol...Anyway lovely products. JKMDesigns
By galaxyofstars, 8/8/2012 about
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"=) Amazing art Gallery Sandy =)"
By Destiny, 6/13/2012 about
☆★▬♫•*¨▬♫•*¨ThAnKs☀Sandy for the feature of my products =) Big Smiles =) ☆★▬♫•*¨▬♫•*¨ThAnKs☀ for supporting my galleries & my children's as well =) Best wishes ☆★▬♫•*¨▬♫•*
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