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BRING BACK MANUFACTURING TO AMERICA Together We Can Help Women And Children In Poverty In and out of classrooms, sleeping in shelters, shielded by parents, homeless children can seem invisible to society at large. A national study released finds that one in 50 children in America is homeless. They're sharing housing because of economic hardship, living in motels, cars, abandoned buildings, parks, camping grounds or shelters, or waiting for foster care placement. Your purchase of MoJo - Colorful Designer Pillows by Suncana has a direct impact on these moms and their children’s lives. Accent your home with American MoJo custom pillows. Made of 100% grade A cotton, 20" x 20". All American MoJo products are produced by sustainably employed single moms in the USA and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms and their children. MoJo project has been a long time dream of mine, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. In addition, social media and word of mouth are critical to our success - so please, "LIKE" us today on facebook, and tell your friends how they can help create jobs at MoJo by purchasing Colorful Designer Pillows by Suncana. PLEASE "LIKE' US TODAY - facebook.com/Galerie8bySuncana "Don't let anyone stop you from dreaming. Your future reality begins as a seed in your imagination, water it and watch it grow."

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"Granmy's Trunk Pillows"
By Nadia Emelia, 5/9/2012 about
Purchased the set for my mom for mother's day! I know she is going to love them
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