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Ginger Che mixed media artist & fashion designer make custom gifts at Zazzle Founder/Design Director for a number of her own lines, including Daydream, Fathom Design, Red Ginger, and her signature Ginger Che line. Ginger Che, born in Taiwan and raised in Germany, has made La Jolla California her design base since 1992. Che is an environmentally conscious fashion designer who creates inspired neo-bohemian collections with true respect for our planet.“We don’t need to hurt Mother Earth to be fashionable,” shares a material-savvy Che, “so I re-use existing vintage fabrics and leathers which reflect a fusion of my eastern and western artistic influences.” The resulting collections are couture apparel, jewelry, and accessories with Che’s own sophisticated bohemian twist, which are worn by celebrities including Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Lopez, Guy Ritchie, Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba, and KRS-One, to name a few.Ginger Che was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1970. She moved to Germany with her mother and brother when she was eight-years old. Che lived in Bremen, Germany for 13 years and has been a resident of San Diego since 1992. Che currently resides in San Francisco, California. Che's fine art work is autobiographical. She uses memory, meditation, intuition, and dream as sources for her work. Che's work communicates multiculturalism, spirituality, female sexuality, and relationships. The pursuit in bridging the cultural divide between East and West within herself is obvious in all her work. Che achieves beauty that consists of overlays and diffuses the self into the undifferentiated whole, into the million changes of things within her art. The multiculturalism is the blending with her communities, including all cultures and people she meets. These are represented by images, timeless symbols, and objects; which are also part of the media. Materials, such as, rice, glass, beads, glitter, sand, flowers, kelp, paper, and denim often appear in her work as symbols for nurture, pain, beauty, mother earth, diligent learning, and personal style. The abstraction comes from the imagination and expresses the self through dripping, smudging and blending of paint. Due to the reflective media the work shimmers and changes while viewed from different angles. Light changes Che's work representing the fact that nothing stands still...not even in a painting. Life is juxtaposed with death through bright and dark hues as her symbol for spirituality. The female power to give life is articulated through the shape of the vagina -sometimes obvious, other times it is hidden in the flow of the paint. Two opposite colors are often juxtaposed to represent two beings interacting without 'becoming one'. Che believes that all disciplines and mediums are connected. Therfore, she works with a variety of media including painting, collage, sculpture, poetry, installation, assemblage, performance, and fashion design. Artists whose work have inspired Che are Vincent van Gogh, Robert Rauschenberg, Jackson Pollock, Georgia O'Keeffe, Andy Warhol, and Gustav Klimt amongst many others. Che studied under Barbara Krueger, Faith Ringgold, Eleanor Antin, David Antin, Italo Scanga, Li Huai, Kim Mac Connel, Ernest Silva, and Raul Guerrero. Che earned her BA in Visual Art (Studio) with Honors from University California San Diego. Bio: Places Lived: Taiwan, Germany, United States Languages: Chinese, German, English Degrees: 2002 BA, Fine Art (Studio), Magna Cum Laude, University California San Diego 2001 AA, Fine Art, Dean's Honors, San Diego Mesa College Honors: 2002 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society -Golden Key International Honor Society 2000-2002 UCSD Provost's Honors -The National Dean's List 1998-2000 Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society -Dean’s Honors List San Diego Mesa College Grant: 2002 Russel Grant, UCSD Volunteer work: 2002 Conceptual photographic art project “The Fall of Pompeii” with artist & professor Eleanor Antin, UCSD, CA 2000-2001 Assistant to artist & professor Italo Scanga for sculpture & drawing courses at UCSD, CA 1998-2000 Mesa College Art Gallery, SD, CA 1995-1999 San Diego City School Volunteer- Bird Rock Elementary School-taught painting & reading, grades 1-6, SD, CA Membership: 2007-2008 Cambridge Who's Who 2004-2006 San Diego Art Institute-Museum of the Living Artist 2003-2006 La Jolla Art Association Work Experience: 2009 solo museum show at The Escondido Center for the Arts, CA in 2010 2002-2008 Ginger Che Boutique Fathom Design Gallery, LLC 2006-2007 eggprojects, inc. brand incubator & hatchery, design director, LJ, CA -San Diego Experience, a television show (pilot), fashion host, SD, CA 2005 Happy Endings Boutique, buyer, La Jolla, CA 2004 Learning Annex, How to Achieve Success as a Jewelry Designer, instructor, SD, CA 2002-2006 Private Art & Jewelry Making courses for young adults, instructor, La Jolla, CA 2000-2001 Assistant to Professor Italo Scanga for sculpture & drawing courses, UCSD, CA 1997-2002 San Diego Chinese Historical Museum, administrative assistant & gift shop manager/buyer, SD, CA Exhibitions: 2010 edge of love-artsprojekt exhibition, strychnin gallery, Berlin Germany. 2009 book publication : Art For Obama-Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change-edited by Shepard Fairy and Jennifer Gross 2009 Paint The Town Red, Red Tie Gala benefiting -Silent Art Auction-works include Ginger Che, Andy Howell, Pablo picasso & more. http://www.redcrossbayarea.org/Gala2009/graphics/GalaAuctionItems09.pdf The American Red Cross Bay Area, San Francisco City Hall, CA. -AGENDA Show 09, San Diego, CA. Jim Mahfood, Mike Kershnar, Chor Boogie, Crol, Andy Howell, Ginger Che, Slick, Soldier Leisure. 2008 Manifest Hope, DC gallery, Washington. -Irvine Contemporary Art Gallery,Obama portrait 'What's Going On?', Washington, DC -Art Basel, Know exhibition, Corpor-n-ation, Miami, Florida -Manifest Hope Gallery, Obama portrait, Democratic Convention-Denver, CO - California Center for the Arts, Escondido. Ginger Che's Jewelry Exhibition, Escondido, CA. - Keep A Breast Foundation, painted breast cast, STC Gallery, OS, CA 2007 Brave Art, april 13-20, Telus Conference Center, Whistler B.C. Canada -Brave Art, march 15-18, a subversive visual art exhibit showcasing 22 diverse artists' individual expressions collectively fused into a group show with the common thread of skate & street culture, braveartshow.com, live painting by Ginger Che & Freddy C and Andy Howell, Encinitas, CA 2006 The Bridge Mural, the LAB in Costa Mesa, CA by Andy Howell, Ginger Che, Blaine Fontana, Persue, Paul Drohan, Aero, Berto H, Matt Watkins, Eduardo Valdivieso, Matt Gordon, Timothy McCormick, Kelsey Brookes, Lucy Mclauchlan, Mike Kershnar, Hillary Amborn, Joey Altobelli, Teena Carlos, and Toomer. Project benefits - World Vision, Stand up for Kids, Healing Waters Int'l, Invisible Children, Keep a Breast, YouthAIDS, Make Trade Fair, Natural High, Save Darfur Coalition, Surfrider Foundation and Unicef. -Ginger Che & Andy Howell Life Mural Painting @ JEP Boutique, La Jolla, CA. -PDA Public Display of Affection, Art Show @ Adorn Showroom in Little Italy, benefiting The Toussaint Academy seving troubeld youth of San Diego -'Ginger Che: paintings, apparel, jewelry & accessories', solo show, Bleu Boutique & Showroom Grand Opening, San Diego, CA. -'All Beings Are One', solo show & trunk show, Ronk Salon, SD, CA. 2005 'Intellectual Property' paintings by Preet Srivastava & Ginger Che. 72 Street, Brooklyn, New York, NY 10021. -Kinokuniya Gallery, Sydney Australia, October '05. Life Painting Exhibit featuring Andy Howell & Ginger Che. -Ginger Che-recent works, Bird Rock Gallery, La Jolla, CA. -'Kaleidoscope', La Jolla Art Association Gallery, La Jolla, CA. -'As Time Goes By: The La Jolla Art Association at 87'. The Village Gallery. 7932 Ivanhoe Avenue. La Jolla, CA. 2004 San Diego Art Institute/ Museum of the Living Artist. C-NOTE Show. House of Charm, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. -Preetworks Gallery, 'Internal & External Figure': paintings by Preet Srivastava & Ginger Che, Brooklyn, New York. -Bird Rock Gallery. Ginger Che: 'Fathom Mixed Media', La Jolla, CA. -San Diego Art Institute/ Museum of the Living Artist. San Diego Regional Artists & 'One Foot' Show. House of Charm, Balboa Park, SD. -Original Art Street Banner Program, Gaslamp Quarter Association, San Diego, CA. -LJAA Library Art Show. La Jolla Library, La Jolla, CA. -Scopello Fine Art Gallery. Ginger Che-Triptych: Longevity, mixed media on canvas. 63 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217. -La Jolla Art Association Membership Show 2004, LJ, CA. -Third Annual 'Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Festival' in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. -'Preet & Ginger’s' Recent Works', Galoka Gallery, LJ, CA. -6th Annual San Diego Multicultural Festival, Life Painting: featuring Ginger Che, San Diego, CA. 2003 Sixty Recent Works by Ginger Che, solo show, Indigo, SD, CA. '...all beings are one...', solo show, Fathom Design Gallery, La Jolla, CA. -Yin & Yang In Love, solo show, Price Center Gallery A & B, University California SD, LJ, CA. -Hotels/Motels at the Travelodge, SD, CA.: 'If you believe in oneness & love…” -Ying & Yang In Love, solo show, ChasaRay Boutique, La Jolla, CA -Original Art Street Banner Program, Gaslamp Quarter Association, 'Longevity', SD, CA. -Understood, skateboard art show, 'Be Like the Lotus', Cassius King Gallery, SD, CA. -La Jolla Art Association: An Art Show to Benifit LJAA & The Friends of Children United Society, Coronado Cays, CA. -Asian Fusion Art Show, Preet & Ginger, Galoka Gallery, La Jolla, CA. -Vagina Monologue, Ginger Che' s “two lips” & “between 4 lips”. UCSD Price Center, La Jolla, CA. 2002 Transcultural Displacement, Annex Gallery, solo show, UCSD, CA -Understood, a white cube of sorts, a skateboard art show to benefit homeless teenagers in San Diego, CA -Fathom Mixed Media, solo show, Cafe 976, SD, CA 2001 San Diego Chinese Art Society Festival, Center for the Performing Arts, SD, CA -Any1canfly, student show with professor Faith Ringgold, Mandaville UCSD, CA -Who Have I Become?, solo show, Cafe 976, SD, CA -eintagsfliege, student show with professor Faith Ringgold, Mandaville UCSD,CA -Breaking Down Walls, Opening Minds, art competition & exhibit for a hate free campus, UCSD, CA -Understood, a skateboard art show to benefit homeless teenagers in San Diego, CA -Manifest, a women's group show. 838 G street, SD, CA 2001-2002 Flowers of Life, Anissa M., La Jolla, CA 2001 Turning Myself In...side...out!: paintings, sculptures, poetry, collage, assemblage, and installation, Annex Gallery UCSD, CA -Who AM I?, solo show, East Village Cafe, SD, CA -Naive Narcissism, solo show, 30 self portraits, The Pannikin Cafe, La Jolla, CA 2000 Annual Student Art Exhibition, San Diego Mesa College Gallery, CA 1999 Annual Student Art Exhibition, San Diego Mesa College Gallery, CA 1998 Annual Student Art Exhibition, San Diego Mesa College Gallery, CA 1997 Watercolors of Flowers Within, solo show, Cafe 976, SD, CA 1996 Watercolors of Ocean Blossoms, solo show, Cafe 976, SD, CA 1995 Ginger Che: drawings & watercolors from 1993 to 1995, solo show, Healthy Choice Bar, SD, CA Performances: 2006 San Diego Experience, television show (pilot), fashion host, SD, CA 2003 Motion Picture 'Don't Blink', Neighbor (Lead) UCSD Productions, Megan O'Connor Dir. 2002 Motion Picture 'Three Brief Phases' Lover, (Lead) UCSD Productions, Megan O'Connor Dir. 2001 Solo performance-marathon performance:'what is performance art?', 'Abortion', Che Cafe UCSD, La Jolla, CA 2000 Koopmann, Streness Blue, Lounge Collaboration-Sensual Living CD, Ginger Che voice on 3., 8., Wiesbaden: Streness Blue, Accessories GMBH, Skyline Musik Verlag, 2000, advertised in Elle Magazine (Germany). Fashion related work: 2008 Keep A Breast Foundation Fashion Show featuring painted breast casts and fashion by Ginger Che & Kites by Carla Manuel 2007 daydream collection for eggprojects, inc. Ginger Che collection for eggprojects, inc. Ginger Che Fashion Show-say lula salon, one year anniversary party, benefit for San Diego Family Health Center, San Diego. San Diego State University- Enviro-Business Society- Fashion Show featuring Fathom Design by Ginger Che, SDSU, San Diego. 2006 Eco Pedal Fashion Show-Refashioning Your Life, House of Pedals, Los Angeles. -Jeans For Justice- a unprecedented fashion & lifestyle event, exposing designers & artists, honoring Sexual Assault Awareness Month and benefiting the San Diego Center for Children (SDCC) -San Diego Experience, television show (pilot), fashion host, San Diego, CA. -Catwalk through the Gardens, fashion show, Ginger Che Timeless Spring Collection. 'The Festival of Life' at the Quail Botanical Gardens, Encinitas, CA 2005 reDEFINE: fashion show, a club e3 Eco Fashion Show, Ginger Che-Timeless Winter Collection: handmade couture apparel, accessories and jewelry, San Diego State University, SD, CA -Fusion Fashion Show. Charity benefit. Ginger Che: Timeless Winter Collection. Fathom Design apparel, jewelry and accessories. The season 1 and 2 cast of LAGUNA BEACH. A fashion show at On Broadway to benefit Running Home 4 Teens-a charity dedicated to preventing teen suicide and depression. SD, CA. -UN-WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY (WED) San Francisco June 1 to June 5, 2005. Fathom jewelry and purses in the WILD-SIDE ECO-CHIC fashion show. -Fashion Show, 'Fashion for the Senses', Fathom Design & Euphesus Salon, 615 On Broadway, SD, CA. 2004 Fashion Show, One Year Anniversary 944 Magazine, Fathom Spring Collection, W Hotel, San Diego. -Motion Picture Wardrobe-Fathom Design by Ginger Che- for 'As Good As Touching', a motion picture by Megan O'Conner-Dir., UCSD Productions. 2003 Television Commercial (channel Fox 6) for Let's go of La Jolla, actress, La Jolla, CA. 2002-2003 letsgoclothing.com & goclothing.com- internet store, model, La Jolla, CA 2002 Fashion Show: Let's Go of La Jolla & Niche Boutique, The Abbey, Fathom Spring Jewelry Collection, model , SD, CA. Fashion Show: Kites Design, Niche Boutique, Fathom Design by Ginger Che. Shaker Room, SD, CA. 2001 Deux Soeurs, model, San Diego, CA. 2000 Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Catalog, model, Germany 1999 Longboard Magazine, model, SD, CA 1997 Bild, Bremen-Das Wetter, model, Germany 1996 Bremen Sonderheft, Essen und Trinken, model, Germany 1995 Exploring Germany, model, SV Medien Service GmbH Munich, Germany 1994 San Diego Home and Garden, Hathunter Hats, model, La Jolla, CA 1992 Silk Salon, model, San Diego, CA 1991 Sylter Nachrichten-Das Wetter, model, Germany Press Releases/ Media Coverage: 2009 Pasatiempo, The Santa Fe New Mexican, 'All is Fairy in National Politic' by Douglas Fairfield. 2007 WWD, women's wear daily, march22, 'Fashion Scoops'-'art meets fashion', page 8 -Union Tribune San Diego, 'Today's green students are well-versed in eco-activism' featuring Fathom Design by Ginger Che written by Sherry Saavedra, April 21, 2007. 2006 City Beat San Diego, 'Get your art on-San Diego designers craft innovative, personalized jewlery' by Michael Klam-featuring Ginger Che, Oct.4, 2006 -City Beat Los Angeles, Eco Chic Fall Fashion, cover page w/ 5 page spread on fall fashion 2006 'The Climate Is Right' by Rebecca Epstein. Vol.4 #38. -wireimage.com, eco fashion show 2005, House of Pedals, Ginger Che clothing, jewelry & accessories. -California Apparel News, Ginger Che fashion designer: 'Fashionably Enviornmental', Los Angeles. -San Diego Union Tribune, SD, Currents: New show zooms in on San Diego by Mark Sauer. Feb.9, 2006. 2005 NY City Press, NY Sun World Art Media, Television: East Village Life, Manhattan Cable Channel 5 'Intellectual Property' Preet Srivastava & Ginger Che. -Gay & Lesbian Times 'Trunk Show Puts San Diego On The Fashion Map' May 19, 2005 Issue 908 By Jennifer Chung -Magazine 944, SD volume 4, issue 5. 'Late Night Sushi Party' by sandiegomix.com . -Magazine 944, San Diego volume 4, issue 1. eye candy. B05 Boutiques:'Best Accessory Selection Fathom Design by Ginger Che'. -Magazine 944, San Diego volume 3, issue 12. Don't eat the mushrooms. men's & women's fashion: 'women's day look' by Andrea Ebbing. 2004 The San Diego Union Tribune, October 1st, instyle-clothing, celebrities and consumer trends, 'San Diego style seen on the street' by Nina Garin. -Learning Annex Magazine, July 2004 KUSI, KGTV, Channel 17 covering Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Festival, Balboa Park. One of seven featured artists. -Magazine 944, San Diego volume 3, issue 5. Summer time...the living's easy. -Oceanfront: 'Ginger Che-one-of-a-kind' by Julia Maushart, 944 Magazine. 2003 La Jolla Light Newspaper, vol.91, issue 47-Nov.27, 2003. Arts & Culture : 'Positive Energy is the Mantra of Che's Fathom Design' by Lance Vargas, La Jolla Light. -Bird Rock Newsletter, Local Business Feature: Fathom Design Gallery. December 2003 issue, Bird Rock Community Council.

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"Your Work"
By Urban State Gear Clothing, 11/11/2011 about
Awesome work! Great Store
By gingerche, 12/2/2010 about
thank you, everyone!!! thank you for the compliments : )
"Congrats on being a FEATURED POSTER *•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆¸.•*´☆`*•.¸☆ ⓢⓜⓘⓛⓔ"
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By stkncb29, 11/17/2010 about
beautiful work! im a fan!
By laureenr, 9/14/2010 about
Fantastic designs.
By KozikArt, 3/29/2010 about
Found your store and I'm in awe!! Such a great line up of great products. I'm now in your Fan Club and will keep an eye on you. Good work on being featured on Zazzle's homepage too. Way to go, girl. :)
"your art is"
By astattmiller, 12/6/2009 about
By Dreamzanstuff, 12/1/2009 about
Beautiful work! Instant fan.
By plsbuymystuff, 11/27/2009 about
I enjoy what you have to offer. Thanks for putting it out there.
"Your Gallery Designs are Great!!!"
By IsabelDC, 11/27/2009 about
"Nice Shop!"
By ktreadwe, 11/26/2009 about
By M_Cavet, 11/26/2009 about
Congrats for being featured on the zazzle homepage. Your designs are great and your shop is really cool!
By MovingLight, 11/25/2009 about
Nice work! Congratulations on your award! Joined your fan club. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Laurel
"Colours and Style"
By LoungeKat, 11/19/2009 about
Hi, thanks for stopping by my store - I've changed the Bass Girl t-shirt to be any colour and style you like. Regards Kat :)
By AwesomeZazzlers, 7/14/2009 about
Ginger, you’re an Awesome Zazzler! Congratulations, your artwork has been selected for an Excellence in Artistic Design Award and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery.
By StacieJo123, 7/9/2009 about
WOW! Adore your work! Best wishes! *Peace* Stacie Jo
By jaeda_dewalt_art, 6/16/2009 about
Beautiful collection of artwork and art-wear. Very creative, fabulously bohemian and unique!
"Unusual Style"
By spindoggraphics, 5/30/2009 about
but I love it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful art.
By dman71215, 3/21/2009 about
"Lovely Work!"
By RW_IMAGES, 2/21/2009 about
Very great style!
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