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Real urban graffiti street art from around the world. I have chosen some of the best representations of real wall graffiti art as photographed around the world by enthusiastic graffiti, art fans. As is the nature of graffiti, the artists are generally unknown or operate under a pseudonym. Illegal in most parts of the world graffiti is a subversive, underground art culture which has made its way into the mainstream art world. A number of graffiti wall street artists have hit the big time, gained world fame and made mega bucks ( millions) selling prints of their awesome graffiti wall street art. The only regrettable part is we will never really know who they are! They would risk criminal prosecution for defacing public property and buildings if their real identities were known. Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful intrinsic, urban, gritty, very real graffiti art! More added weekly. The graffiti art shown here is available as a large wall canvas, posters, cards, iPhone covers, mousepads, t- shirts and more. You can if you wish add to the graffiti using a graffiti font from Zazzle's own customisation tool kit to personalize the art and add your own flavour. This is also the nature of urban graffiti art! It is added to greatly over time. Artists create tags for their art, tags for their gang and so on and these often appear over the top of existing graffiti wall art. It's a form of ' I was 'ere' notice!