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By guitargeek851, 8/1/2008 about
I have a whole bunch of new products ready under the new products gallery, please go and check them out :D
By J, 6/22/2008 about
I really loved the Jude Berry Design! That was my favorite!
By guitargeek851, 6/21/2008 about
i tried to re catagorize it so let me know if you want anything in particularand i'll see what i can do for you :)
By J, 6/20/2008 about
Aww that stinks they were really awesome :(. Would you possible have one of the Jude Berry Pictures saved somewhere? If so would you possible be able to email it to me?
By guitargeek851, 6/17/2008 about
I got an email saying that they were deleted due to copyright infringement... :(
By J, 6/13/2008 about
Hey If you don't mind me asking, what happened to the Across the Universe stuff? I was totally hoping to order Some stuff with you design :(
By guitargeek851, 6/10/2008 about
Thanks! :D
By J, 6/9/2008 about
Totally Love your Designs they're terrific!
By guitargeek851, 4/15/2008 about
...Where is everyone?
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