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..........Welcome.......... Thank you for taking the time to peruse my political satire. I try to decipher the daily gaffs or the personality of the candidates and their messages. Unfortunately, I am biased (I'll let you guess who I am supporting) but I try not to be too incendiary and I recognize that some of that veracity may offend people. 2010 Elections are gearing up and many bloopers from politicians to mock. So get ready to rock and roll for the new election season. -gxiong

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"Awesome Gallery..."
By allegra_online, 2/26/2011 about
Amazing gallery!
By briman232, 10/10/2010 about
You're so awesome it's almost deafening.
By MissinYou, 7/28/2009 about
great gallery!!!
By Politictees, 6/15/2009 about
Love your work. I am a fan.
"Awsome gallery!"
By D_C_Seibold, 2/19/2009 about
By SherryHolderHunt, 2/10/2009 about
Merry Christmas Wish 2008 by SherryHolderHunt
"New Products"
By meia7214N, 1/27/2009 about
Hello gxiong, Awesome new products! Beautiful Gallery!
By aliciagrime, 1/26/2009 about
wonderful gallery great designs, very creative !
"thanks for join to my fan club"
By CookerBoy, 1/24/2009 about
loved your stuff from the start.
"Cool and Unique..."
By mumajaro, 1/20/2009 about
very original idea you have!!
"Do you have another gallery ?"
By CookerBoy, 1/18/2009 about
razzledazzlexx's Gallery at Zazzle
By CharmedChick83, 1/11/2009 about
Thank you for the welcome :)
By samack, 1/3/2009 about
Thanks for stopping by my gallery! And for the nice compliment! I love your designs as well.
"Happy New Year!"
By JessicaInSeattle, 12/29/2008 about
May the new year bring you many sales! Jess
"Hi, Happy Holidays!"
By mickeyelvis128, 12/24/2008 about
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best wishes, Diane and MickeyElvis
By Foozyo, 12/23/2008 about
Very Merry Berry Christmas
"You Have A Fantastic Gallery!"
By clarkscreations, 12/23/2008 about
By djmbred9009, 12/21/2008 about
i like your gallery come check out mine.
By ayrehm, 12/18/2008 about
thanks for the comment. your stuff is amazing, how do you do it?
"Great ideas !"
By mindpixels, 12/17/2008 about
Very well done
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