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Bergen, Norway
Store opened on 6/18/2011

Store Description

Hakon Soreide is a self-taught artist in many media; a painter, a photographer, a poet, occasionally musician and philosopher. And all just for fun. It was first his sudden and enlightening discovery that he could paint Christmas 1999 that plunged him headlong into the creative life that he now leads. Even though he had started writing poetry much earlier, in 1993, it was through painting and the visual expression of photography that he felt he had found his clearest voice. Currently based in the city of Bergen, Norway, Hakon is due to move to Inverness, Scotland in 2012 when he will pursue an artistic career full time.

Inspired By

Oil painting, acrylics, drawing, oil pastels, soft pastels, conté crayons, encaustics (wax painting), spray painting, photography, digital art, XenoDream, ArtMatic, Fractalius, Flexify, Corel Painter.

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