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By Erich, 9/12/2011 about
this store shows that small minds tend to primitive language
"Great Gallery!"
By Damen Roy, 9/7/2011 about
Great stuff!!!
By superiorgraphix, 6/8/2011 about
Nice Gallery! NO-BAMA!!!
"Lady luck is an idiot"
By Pat8317, 12/15/2010 about
Obama is an ASS. He hates this country and proves it every day. Hopefully "lady luck" will find a job someday where she doesn't have to wear a paper hat !!!
"Re: the bumper sticker "Does this ass make my car look fat?""
By Ladyluck13, 11/19/2010 about
Nope, it just makes you look like an ass, Halley. :-)
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