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Handipets Home Sanctuary is a privately owned family sanctuary for disabled pets, while Handipets Haven online helps disabled and injured pets nation wide find the homes or donations they need. Money earned from any Handipets related sales goes directly into the care of either the pets in Handipets Home, or urgent pets in need of donations on Handipets Haven online. All disabled pets featured on products are our own beloved disabled pets. Becky & Amy the owners and caretakers of Handipets thank you for proudly displaying our precious family members. Your purchase helps us raise money to care for them properly. By displaying our website on these products you help bring people to http://www.handipets.com where they can help a disabled pet in need.

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By purplefairyOH, 11/21/2008 about
Thanks for coming by my page!! I will def spred the word 4 u! Thanks Elisa
"Good Luck! What you are doing is awesome!"
By sunsett76, 8/5/2008 about
I will spread the word =0)
By crockpot, 3/30/2008 about
Hey! Good to see you here!! I was gonna join the fan club but don't see the button... :(
"God Bless!!!"
By mickeyelvis128, 9/1/2007 about
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4 results