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David Carvalho, was born in 1980. He is a Portuguese Artist & Designer and has been developing work in many design disciplines, by himself and together with other artists all around the world for many years. He started studying design on his own as a kid and has dedicated his life to one of his biggest passions: creativity. He has worked for many design studios in Portugal. In 2003 he started his own design company - Pkage Design, in collaboration with friend and designer Nuno Salvaterra. They co-owned Art Direction responsibilities. David left package Ddsign after three years, and now works for Spirituc as a Senior Designer. Being moved by is own rebel personality, he was responsible for launching many well known projects in Portugal. In 2002, he launched the first design related PDF Magazine called Camouflage. For over 3 years he pulled together 80 Portuguese Artists, Designers and Studios. He was also responsible for the launch of Propaganda, the first Design Online Store in Portugal,. This store includes exclusive artwork from well-known artists and studios, including Superdeux, Kleber Design, Tom Muller, Ekiselev, David Carembou, Mauro Gatti, Musa Collective, Evostruct, Mark Boyce, Dirty Deluxe and Jemma Gura. David was the Founder and Fashion Editor for the Online Lifestyle Magazine Rua de Baixo, started in 2003, this Magazine includes design, writing and photography. David has created many alter egos for his artwork, which allows him to express himself in many different ways. Electroclandestino is the most famous of these personalities. As Electroclandestino, David participated in exhibitions in London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tokyo, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto, Milan and São Paulo. Some of his work has also been published in international design books and received awards at International Design Festivals.

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"coolness! bur its cold lol"
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awsome work,
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Great gallery, I'm a fan !
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