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Hieronymus was born in North Carolina but lost his southern tongue quickly upon arriving in San Francisco at the age of 9. Whilst the gift of art was recognized in this young lad it was his teenage years involved in skateboarding and graffiti that inspired him to take his vision further. After graduating from an art college in Oakland, Hieronymus has pushed forward in fine arts, street art/public art and with established museums from Los Angeles (current residence) to many parts of the US and Europe. His art is not yet pinned down into one label, but it is certainly rooted in the text based line work of graffiti art of the 90's, which has its own string of history and influences. Hieronymus strives to push his work towards something bigger than only a repetitious style suited to pretty pictures in a frame, on a wall, in a gallery, and in the end "for sale". But here we are, providing his work for sale, and fortunately it is affordable.

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