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Hike First, Work Later Tee Shirt
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Style: Men's Basic T-Shirt

Comfortable, casual and loose fitting, our heavyweight t-shirt will quickly become one of your favorites. Made from 100% cotton, it wears well on anyone. We’ve double-needle stitched the bottom and sleeve hems for extra durability. Select a design from our marketplace or customize it to make it uniquely yours!

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Hike First, Work Later Tee Shirt
Custom Tee
Upon Gracie's request...I will recap up until the lay off as well share 2011 here for you versus you going back as you stated hard to navigate page & click, click, click & scroll, scroll, scroll to areas that vanished this Spring 2011 due to a Zazzle glitch so here you go Gracie...let me begin with recommending to visit other zazzlers like Poozybear & Walt Alder as well as any zazzlers you see in any comment wall on my page as well as local zazzlers; Paul, Melody L., and Tim Johnson. QUICK RECAP IS THIS NEXT LINE & THE REST IS RAMBLING ON: Okay Gracie, since John was laid off the day after his birthday last July 2010, I began working 4 jobs...John finally found a temporary job position in June 2011.
now for the rambling...No matter what has happened or what it IS or what may- we do feel safely protected by His Word. I, at timy times, had self-sabotaging thoughts/worries/concerns yet John and Nick has always helped me renew my senses back to "peace of mind" and stand FIRM with the Lord. God has guided me through the upsets and challenges and I feel God's Love-the more I surrender, the more open I become. Gosh- worrying can close one down, huh-so pray, pray, pray...God's wisdom and care has for sure been such a blessing. Even though it took John "strongly" looking/interviewing almost a year to land a temporary position and I went from 4 jobs to none in July (hemostasis/vomiting, kidney stones, uvula,throat/orpharynx concerns, hernia, hip, abnormal swelling/inflammation, lungs, concerns in liver/kidney/spleen area,tumors/cysts/growths and this on/off infection) You will see me in recent comment areas thanking Wickenburg Hospital and as well Tamara placed appreciation note in the Wickenburg Sun 8/17/11; Thank you Tamara. My free doctor visit and mammo for 2011 was another God blessing because I had SUPERB health insurance & life insurance when I worked yet coverage ended 7/12/11 so it was so nice to keep an eye on an ol' wounded area which it discovered some density concern to left area and we exhausted that area with additional stuff; thanks Denise for the smiles you placed here for are an angel. I still have that right upper breast area with much pain PLUS my ongoing costochondritis episodes. Some in town in recent times were shocked I am still alive and thought I died & I always say simply log on to zazzle and you will know how I am...this page is not made to be a business just a bi-product to my hikes which I share to family, friends & locals. I am not anywhere else online; I peaked in May 2011 to and in recent times joined upon request a senior site to do penpal stuff. Only had 2 replies; one a humorous great communicating prospector from WA that reminded me of Jerry and another is a man I'd like to touch base monthly on antiquity gun trivia yet I doubt he will end up doing that...yet I am happy with the gold guy because you log on knowing you are going to have a decent reading yet no 91-101 penpal yet. God IS the source of all the good we have seen. This past annual I saw I was extremely tired with minimal times off yet He still showed me nature and things I enjoy during the storms. I was tired due to 4 jobs not so much health related. Also heard I am going to die soon from locals and PLEASE listen, all my serious concerns happened in 06'-07' (most coring from the ischemic episodes/infection) and my zazzle page shares my health journey along with my hiking adventures and only God has the plan...noone else including me can state such...I could feel terminally ill mentally the past annual like what just happened... & how did I do it?.... My mother always encouraged me to finish what I started and wanted for me to have strong work ethics like her side of the family; she has worked and is about to retire this year and she worked her entire life and always day in & out carried a heavy work schedule. I won't detail the other side of the family; too long (oh gosh where would I begin with my pops; he would just want the world to know he is a handsome honorable single guy he had told me; WOW that leaves alot out; tee hee)...the point is ...for me to work the main bread winner ...after being spoiled and gifted and having to pick & choose my schedules as a contracted culinary/ice artist for folks most see on tv or hear about in the news...anyways with all the way the annual unfolded I found others' ill behaviors I'd grow too weary; too fast was so I went from volunteering my time alot & doing hikes and such to than bam full schedule with minimal time off so that was for sure new for me...I wish I still was with this one job b/c I miss the ladies yet I could not absorb the tiny doses of warmth yet she was so against the grain to how I was trained and I know looking back I did that position well and wanted only enhanced moments. Here it was the least stressful of the 4 yet when I was out ill I did grasp the opportunity to dissolve all schedules and to this day looking back it was the best decision...I called to God to shore up my faith...I don't know what will happen next but I do know who holds the future so that soothes my thoughts. I feel I am on the right path...At times, I feel an urgency to push forward "now" yet God assures me there is no need to rush. He reminds me as I water the plants and in the Summer, the plants do not blossom- just take in the water & oxygen- kinda a time of incubation- where nature can allow everything to grow in its innate rhythm. He assures me that life will change and will hatch at just the right time. In the meantime, He's watching over us and we feel it! To recap 2011: In January, I worked 2 jobs mainly w/ a schedule 8am-830pm (with travel time 1hr 20min each way) seven days a week with no days off at all. (1 male & 1 female; senior care) Jerry called (beyond hope joke). RC/Angel celebrated b-days. In February, I again worked every day; no day off 7:30am-9to11pm so I'd get home very late & barely slept. I'd see Ronda on road at times going to see her lil' Angel. I did get a few hour relief and I should of slept it all yet I spent my only time off getting up wee early; left with Ron McMillin and Gladys/Cheryl to see Frankie- my last visit was late 2010 so I knew I could use the rest but God laid it on my heart to go...that day Gladys learned he was no longer a candidate for surgery- Frankie passed 2/26 not long after my last visit. It was a sweet moment and I am glad I did versus sleeping. Cheryl is alot like her pops- she's a true joy. I went from working every day to than shifted schedule to 7 days living in Chino; DDD care than the other 7 days up in Flagstaff/Sun City/ Congress w/ BBV/GL/A&E. Again I increased schedule with 4 job positions and not much time to do much. John and Nick handled everything at home and I helped where I could as well as John helped me where he could with my jobs. John did alot for me plus his heavy load of applying/interviews. He sure had a FULL schedule not working. By March 7th I finally touch base with "ZKS"/RC and on my next day off John and I took Gladys/Cheryl to Doct. appt. 12:45-4:45 & we all saw Jerry on his motorcycle pass us as we were on the highway. Gladys has been so inspirational to our family. Again sleep did not phase me when I knew Gladys just lost her best friend/father of her only child/her husband & our to this town; a good man who was so devoted to Gladys. Frankie fought the fight; his battle with his brain cancer was one of the worst kinds to have yet as you see last Spring 2010 he was still in the caves with me & his brother and hiked a good distance under his chemo treatment. Frankie told me that I inspired him to keep going and he wanted to lose the weight too. He was doing well with his diabetic readings when we did hike...Helicopter man/Gold prospector Terry S. from NY also told me last Fall when we all saved that bobcat (watch it on youtube saved bobcat) Terry said he lost the weight and I cored his weight loss from that Spring 2010 hike we did & you can see the amazing weight loss he had. It seems everyone can do the same endurance distance as me & lose yet I remain stout. 1 neighbor tells people in town I cannot walk as far as I do because I am fat. Get close enough and you will see I am stout not fat & I am extremely strong in all areas. Plus I doubt he'd say it up close to my face anyways. He likes to just stir rumors at a distance and hide in his garage as you pass by. At one of my jobs, I took the ladies to Game & Fish Expo/Bearizona (thank you SC/V/C for the pass and sorry I have not been up there since 5/22) The point of mentioning that was even though I had minimal days off in March God showed me nature during work. Sure I had to shelve my hikes to make sure we had a home still...We never imagined John to be laid off after working 31 years...we kinda knew since it happened to Jeff & Tom & others...) I think even John never thought he'd be looking as long as he did just to get a temp. position yet he is so appreciative he has a job in this tough economic times. He does like me home this past month with homebaked chocolate chip cookies & meals...he missed that. I talk to "ZKS" 3/27 briefly to catch up & finally had a moment since July 2010 that I took the time to trim my hair 5 inches; thank you John. On my site wished RC's guy "BS" & "JF" Happy Bdays...Oh back when I interviewed in late July 2010/Aug 2010- a large mammal met our truck and the truck had numbered days left knocking the air bags & I got burned from that and knocked my oxygen way low and it really screwed up the clutch & AC. Meanwhile our house AC went out & needed a part so here we are a few days without AC in home & vehicle trying to look for work; ugh in the Hot Monsoon Season. On Aug. 23rd in Sun City, I filled an application out and we went from there to car dealership because truck just was not doing well & we stated we both had no jobs and John just got laid off & I may have a new job soon; unsure so the guy got our personal info. ran a check and we left the dealer with a brand new car with 0% down and 0% on loan; that was indeed a blessing from God. Here we took a leap of faith and hoped one of us would be with a job. We prayed and on the way home 8/23 I got a call to start orientation 8/24. On 8/24 we got up 4am and drove to central Phoenix to get all the needed documents/certifications and we just made it in time for orientation and at the end of it they needed an urgent shift filled as we heard the man in the hall; Lisa declined it so I got it. We hurried to buy medical scrubs, drove home 1hr20m home, showered/rinsed scrubs, drove back yet John got us off path for a bit and yet still made it on time (6:55pm); shew & that began my work journey (that man was the best; a true joy...miss his songs; he passed on) So now it's April, got an added job 4/13/11. I had training yet they allowed me to get to Thomas's funeral but I made it at the end I reckon so I missed it. Local man; Snakeman, passed 4/11/11 of cancer. As he was passing, my father almost lost his life to a severe blood clot. John's Uncle Frank passed on and you are in our prayers Aunt Gracie. Dick, Bob Donner,Carol & Norine passed too. Geez, I am just waking up so I am sure others passed that are on the comment wall of photos but blanking this second. We so bad wanted to get out of dodge for r&r so Easter Wknd. on the Earp boys' bday 4/23 we looked up "TN"'s address to map it out & saw stuff he year after year made such a stance of a loss that when I spoke on topic all he could say was "if you want to believe it's a lie...I had my reasons...etc." and we have never heard again from him after knowing him almost 2 decades. We had a lovely 18th wedding anniversary (began dating 91;known of since 89) instead of seeing "TN" I hiked long and hard seeing an abundance of wildlife. (HUGE SMILES) & caught up with PF/LP/RC. "SAD TIMES" --> 5/5 we headed to MS ( headed to save a loved one from MS flood) and we ended almost there to discover highway to her home closed indefinately due to rising flood. We learned she ended up in ICU so we turned around and went for R&R 5/5-5/7 in my FAVORITE area; Navajo Nation. Came home and had fun relaxing time washing car than worked every day 5/8 until 6/30 with not much time off at all. Oh in May I dialed ODK/GDK for GL but they hung up but it was in regards of handywork for him. oh, work, mom stop by from NJ 5/22 and we went to Bearizona, Flagstaff, Sedona, Jerome, Buckeys, home & caught up with Dan Jacobs/ZKS/PF. I sold my 1997 makarov for $475 and good timing because our 4 year old Maytag broke that day and Dan/Cindy who bought gun said they had one they had been trying to sell locally so they gifted us the dryer & after John fixed ours we gifted it to RC/BS. That was a great blessing that week. Every free second I had in May which was not really any with 4 jobs--->I did fix pc for guys and do my seasonal cedarcide & spray-n-grow. I missed big time being out with my cacti garden and my hikes are jotted still through this all on this zazzle page- I gained in May so I reduced intake there after and still watching intake- I had my first pedicure for 2011 before seeing foot doctor- told me I had capsulitus tendinitus fasciitis plantar excessive pronation and gave me a cortisone shot and it helped alot. He customized inserts for my shoes too. I tried quitting 1 job 5/26, 5/27, and 6/2 due to the redundant rubbish/difficulties with another and yes I know I was pre-warned during interview & thereafter of her behaviors but I had just learned my best female friend (101yo) passed on plus since March I was fighting off an infection so I grew weary of her difficult ways and learned that is WHY she has had so many partners. They cannot fire her even though she does not follow company guidelines as previous partners as well as staff said because if she leaves; she is best friends with client's mother so the mother could remove client. To me, it was never going to change. John got notification anyone on extended or tiered even with credit will no longer get an unemployment check so his $214 ended immediately. On 6/3/11 weak & weary I got on my knees and prayed to God "Please Lord, I need You. I need Your guidance. I'm doing all the jobs even while ill and losing a cherished lady to my heart & someone we knew dear to us just vanished over some silly lie he never corresponded again-please give John "any" job to lessen the load on me." As soon as I get up, my cell rang and it was John; he got a temporary job that does not pay our bills so I'd have to keep 1 of the 4 jobs but I could drop 3 if I wanted. Prayer answered immediately. He began Monday June 6th, 2011. KKT/Mayor Ed G/LWHW on 6/8 we spoke on health & shot pool. I ended up with my first ever speeding ticket via camera not cop when I went to buy something for GS & May W. 6/16 I quickly went to sherrif's office because I think camera was in error. I watched Hangover 2 alone while awaiting John to get off work. I tried talking to Lt. Wayne Nelson. I caught up with WRZ/ZKS/CCL(hospital/Tucson) 6/17/11. Updated Kodak. 6/21 Dan Jacobs and Kenny took me for a lovely time at the Ranch House (only local eatery I can say has been consistently delicious) for breakfast (Kenny's poor back) THANK YOU DAN & KENNY FOR MY BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST MOMENT! I went to doctor nearing end of a shift 6/30/11 because infection was still stirring and worsened and they said I needed to go to ER- it took serious rounds of vomiting blood & passing kidney stones to get me there (oh my "pain" ever have that? don't wish it on anyone) So that was near mid July time...oh by the way I did have a lovely bday with Mayor Ed G./KKT and I also forgot to mention Kelly over at Scottsdale Chopper's Hair Salon gave me a updated vintage 1940's glam flair haircut and I love him and his staff for getting my hair is thinning yet thick...highly recommend this place to anyone. With no job right now, I am hoping something comes along because I really liked them and hope to get back in some day...We kept in touch with ZKS in July(hospital) and we had our eye exams (I still have 20/20) Corresponded a few times 7/3 with old hs guy "JS"... Did my court thing for that silly speeding ticket; a hefty expense. 7/15 I was quite ill- how ill? in a light hearted way of saying it...I gave an eleven year ol' neighbor my ooak Kevyn Aucoin brand new brushes with roll case/box (any fellow artist will understand I had to be quite ill; soft smiles but I did because she said she was into makeup and I felt that she would appreciate them- as her pops was BBQing for his daughter's bday guests- he looked at me & laughed- "Joy, she's 11!"...oh well--I did it from my heart & I know his brushes range $150-$450 so I know I gave her a true piece of equipment for a person who loves make-up...I gave alot of stuff away last November & this Summer to locals. Bri was the only gal who gave me $4 on some unique kitchen items. 7/13 talk to ZKS/KKT/CCL- stop by ZKS/library/Nichols West for ZKS.7/18 talk to "LF" Met nurse Juiletta 7/26 who visited our home and ran some lab work for us. We gave her for free about $2,000 retail of board games,ds lites/games even the one I had just bought for $60 from "S" at work in Chino, PS2 with many controllers/memory cards/40+ variety of games for her 6 kids to cure mid-Summer boredom and caught up with her by phone 8/22/11 6ishpm and they kids loved it & her daughter stated to her mom is there really people out there like that... that give away stuff for free like that and to answer that young girl; YES because as I grew up I have seen it through the poor moments to now and I just show what I have seen and I don't look at the cost but that smile in the end. KKT has been my local genuine gift giver the past few years and she really captures what a person would like yet in recent times I mentioned to her I am really at a phase in my life in knowing only friendships with "presence" not presents. She truly has an angelic heart. Saw A/E 7/17 for 8 hrs. By 7/24 my bones ached and joint too; much inflammation. I have hiked in pain. By 7/27 all jobs corresponding ceased; last one was Marlene...even without my jobs I did the past annual continue to do normal donations and added ICHD this year to list. I know God will take care of the rest when its time. Also met 11 yr old Evan on the trails this Summer and saw Boston Sam and spoke to "DDC. 8/1 on my way out on the trails I thanked Darlene for Bob/her picking me up to drop me off at LP's to give her some bible study material due to heavy lightning/rain storm. I got caught up in it on the way home...8/2 BS w/ LP..hiked and ran into folks wanting me to help them in September so I told them to look to my zazzle page or go to CL for the senior care listing & look for Prescott Resume with my zip code. HUGE THANK YOU note placed on my zazzle page as well as Tamara placed it 8/17 in the Wickenburg Sun to Nancy Carter & Denise King for my free doctor visit & mammo/compressions/ultrasound. Been hiking but no bandwidth usage to upload. talk to Janet 8/17 after she read her name in paper. The Janet who is in paper for the weight loss program too. I may go to a meeting sometime with her; cheerleader. 8/18 talk to JS; he called about an ankle infection he has and late that night I signed up to a senior place and commented on some and 2 folks replied; 1 in WA who reminded me of JS/dogs and another from KY and I have them both uplifted in prayer and will reply to them next time I log on...I may stop today but aiming for 8/29/11 to log on next to let PC bandwidth usage rebuild. I played Nancy Drew pc game this week and solved it. Thank you dearly for all the Zazzle purchases this Summer as well as all of you that got me to the proseller status level I am at...8/20 I enjoyed heading North to Prescott Gun Show/WalleyWorld and I met Brandon/Jessica/Thomas/Jesse/Matthew and caught up with Kermit, Barbara & Timothy Stephen of Casas Adobes Coins & Collectibles (PO BOX 90257 Tucson, AZ 85741 520-744-1662;; and look out for Indian Hills Wood Pens (Charlie Goulding 623-374-9630) and Arizona Custom Hunting Knives (Richard Palmer 480-751-7774). We watched a silly dvd we checked out from library; Inception, on 8/20 night. What is it with me & the owls lately. Hike week 8/21-8/28. Alot of owls in our yard at night. you can see 4 of them but can be more; sounds like more. This Summer, John has seen on his way home porcupine, deer, mountain lions, bobcats, skunks, raccoons, javelina, rabbits, foxes, owls, unidentified black animal, squirrels, lizards and snakes; same as me on my hikes minus porcupine. 1-6am is the best time to see all the animals. Looks like I am almost done the past month on my hikes I heard so many rubbish ridiculous fabrications that I clearly understand WHY I am a "desert walker" and not keen to the asphalt. Such twisted tongues amongst this town. "LP" stated "SO"'s sis "L" was told by the "K" family in the estates here that I home/house & feed mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes & deadly vipers & thats how & why her pet died due to me??? YUK! First of all, listening to it, sounded soooo silly. For people to actuall believe it; even siller. Animals dangerous or not respond to my kind and gentle ways and I have respect more than fear now due to my previous hikes w/ Wayne H/GDK/TM/JS/FS. I have a special understanding of them and I hope my page reflects that...I may not clearly educating you like Brian H could; check out his page ( or Wayne Howell could yet I still share my journey as it happens & factual and with honesty not how I think you want to hear it; rugged & raw I am to you all not at all focused to structure/society/professionalism when sharing it. I can relate to the innocence and trusting nature of animals and will always be there to help out. The only thing I have in my backyard is an aging stray cat who adopted our back patio as his; "Dirty Harry". All the cats are on this zazzle page just in case a stray cat belongs to someone they know where they travel...There is the remaining indoor/outdoor Earp boy; "Virgil" as it was rumored his brothers were kidnapped not killed (Wyatt 4/11/10 & Morgan 6/26/10 MIA) yet I just pray God is with them and have hope they some day return. We all miss them dearly. In Sep 2010, Lugz passed on (Les Bender too) We took care of Lugz- Lugz had old man for an owner &he passed & we took we took him in as he laid sad at the Muleshoe RC wanted some mouser cats & the cat she wanted came with Lugz but Lugz was a special needs cat needing over $130 monthly care to stay alive even if his ailing life was hard on his health he was a fun loving warm kitty. I told RC I'd care for Lugz so she can get the duo. Than there was the ever so loving orange tabby stray that followed me in the desert and he made our back patio his too from March 2010; Kirby (last seen Dec 2010) Then there was blue eyes (female cat we names Taylor) that came from the direction of the white home visited us for a few months Spring 2010. Seems ever so often a black cat with golden eyes stops to eat/drink rest; Lt. Hanley we named him & a grey fluffy cat like Morgan (looks like a bobcat) we named him Warren. I am here to state/share the only wildlife I feed ever so little because I want them to hunt as in nature are birds- There is an obvious "beautiful" rippled effect from the relationships I have with animals- I do not use poisons on my property (I use cedarcide & pull weeds) I relocate harmful ones even the most deadliest vipers; mojave. All of the animals whom I have ever loved contnue to be with me & will always be at my side. There is 1 handful to my entire life of folks I feel the same way about..believe it or not this gal has had some bad & good times jus like anyone else...I know the continued smile throws people off) Even the times that were bad; I know why it happened. (maybe not so much the MNS time where I locked you out) Anyways, I DO NOT have any living wildlife I home/house or feed. I am simply someone who truly appreciates the angelic qualities of animals and I am able to communicate wordlessly with these wonderous creatures from God since I was a little girl. I have respect and a special bond with the animal kingdom and they seek the same as human kind; kind, honesty, space & cooperation. Well, you heard correctly if you heard I had a moment on my hiking trails & saw something political amongst my hike "bashing" and when I saw was the same one who cored all these lies about me so it was pointed out to right area and the retired lawyer who use to (no longer for no sound reason) greet me with a smile/hug when out on my hikes now replies "YOURS" is the thank you Yavapai County for stepping in; resolution. See, I dealt with facts not like them; fabrications. God ceased work for me for a moment- to take a respite! I will be more effective and productive...and so far our responsibilities have all been met by God. My heart has been heavy with grief that wish I could of done something more- yet I know our love carries on...I miss her presence. That was actually a topic this week with KKT/Janet that I prefer someone's presence over time than presents. That is the BEST gift you can give me (besides cacti/oddity tokens for the backyard desert trails; soft smiles) I had a dear friend for almost 20 years and he loved to spoil me & my loved ones...what a beautiful heart and the best hugger and smiles...yet during his storms & letdowns he truly changed and became someone else. I can only hope God be with him. He will never really know how I miss my hugger & smiles. My desert hikes I see a piece of everyone out there from the lizards on a rock to bouncing off and scaling boulders. I will never grow weary of my walks...and YES, "K" I do walk the distance and YES, I am stout still...Everyone have a wonderful Fall & Gracie I hope this pleased you because I did it exactly as you requested. See you soon! I wanted to mention 8/22 "GL" called and so far I will be helping out once a week over there and John's hours were increased too. God answered a if he could just answer Walt's prayers :) (tee hee) Gracie, for more archived information or for your music playlist request or to sign my guestbook; go here:
Hey pops or anyone wanting the many photo/articles Wickenburg Sun did about me over time...they do charge but just call 928-684-5454 and ask to to talk to the person who handled archives and just tell them you want the article on me or the front page photo of the bobcat we do not need my full name to order it; they know who I am if you state I'd like to get the papers you did for the Congress Woman/Desert Walker that has the local hobby hiking page on zazzle named Joy & they have all my information after that. I have also had people inquire if I am still doing senior care and that is on a situation-arise base only; discuss your needs and see if it is even workable with current open but not as flexible as I use to be...I am still in the closet looking for important papers...maybe be done Tuesday :) My mom/aunt felt the earthquake in the car like it was 10 strong men shaking it in Freehold, NJ... than saw the movie The Help...takes place in Jackson,MS in the 50's and part of it is filmed in our walking grounds of Collierville, TN...I have to get the movie once its at my library. 8/23 6ish I have a new penpal (maybe) from Dolan to that oh so wonderful Chloride sand I mention on my site that I's 8/26 11:33pm just a quick recap that I am loving the penpal readings with Sonny...he faced a loss recently too. Yes, he is for reals not spam/scams which you get that crap but I just delete it. Walt went to the hills to prospect. LP has her granddaughter in town this week. I did try to help "GL/V" this week but a mishap so no more there; ever...such an unneeded voice mail over silly granola...I took responsibility for areas I needed yet it was like a heavy breathe when it came to "granola" like I am some kind of idiot...yeah I know what granola is but I read the box off & confirmed by phone before adding to cart and with my facial infection & all that silly stuff there... just better off not helping folks anymore. I have to appreciate & have compassion always for others but God forbid I need some this week. on the topic I say...NEXT...what a night of i wanna rain but maybe not with a nice slice of thunder/lightning. Hmmm. well, John received more hours and I still am recovering; some wicked hours I have w/ the gets old for me as much as it gets old probably for you to read it but it is what's being shown to my life...I did have a job offer but I did not want to play off the books and be in a spot I don't need to be at this phase to my life. Well, have a great weekend. My bandwidth is still low so I have been hiking but cannot upload pics. Janet & Cheryl B. were eliminated from the Biggest Loser contest tonight. You are still a winner, Janet. I am very very happy with who God shared to me as a pen pal; he talks about rocks & tombstones & he is the real deal and it's nice to log on to see his message once in a blue...Thank you Lord! :) Walt is on his gold adventure.
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"(now me typing-->)"
By Congress_Arizona*, 12/19/2011 about
So I reckon it is in my genes but also been tested it is in my genes for much diseases including cancer so thanks genes :) So I reckon for me I need to change the foods so I can have increased life and more important "quality of life"...I hate to cut out bread/butter/cheese/carmelized onions but I did cut out bacon to reduce the fat intake because this girl loved a slightly sea salted/pepper Avocado, Yummy quality Bacon, and do I miss the Jersey tomato :)....oh my...Even on my dad's side they all loved being in the kitchen...I think it is the key part to all my memories was most events took place at Mama's kitchen counter even good ol' card & board games.
"this is our town's smallest motel :)"
By Congress_Arizona*, 12/19/2011 about
archived pics that was deleted awhile back due ot zazzle glitch:
"I met him amongst my hikes/walks...Indian Joe's buddy too...he passed on too"
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
archived pics I am adding...not much else I can do than rest and upload more pics that use to be on here but due to zazzle glitch...they vanished...
"Mayor Ed; thank you for allowing me time on the magic machine."
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
some pics of Ed's trading post memories...
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
some pics of Ed's trading post memories...
"local eatery, nichols west..."
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
everyone I know enjoys visiting here to see Shirley O. for me & a few others, hit or miss on food quality. I won't disclose our views just know some say its perfection and I am a trained chef/ice artist and liker the finer foods and for a small town; great presentation/fresh foods on some plates yet I will for sure stop there. Like my gramps always said...if you do not have a nice thing to say; "SHUT UP"...oh no...that was Chuck...right Phyllis & Jenn :) (soft, almost ccl's 84th birthday...lil' over a case I forget than..."Happy Birthday" young man :)
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
some pics of Ed's trading post memories...
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
to answer you Nick about what we spoke about Saturday afternoon...snake relocation: It's actually pretty complicated. Some snakes do better than others, and some ages do better than others. It's not so much about terrain, either, as how well the animal can find new resources, and how much time it is given to do so. An adult rattlesnake has a scent network and collection of locations where it may go to hunt, drink, hide, etc. If it is taken off that network it may not be able to relearn quickly enough to survive, even in very good habitat. Something like a gophersnake is highly adaptable, and generally will do ok even in very different habitat ... sometimes better. Does this make sense? Bryan D. Hughes Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 10:07 PM Thank you for the FAST reply Brian and for answering Nick's question to native wildlife...snakes was the topic...
"I know June..."
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
I meet alot along the trails and one special couple are Bob & June Hancock that DL/JPF shared to my life and Bob shared his taxidermy collection; museum quality that he did. anyways, this year June's sister/friend Colleen Martinez passed on 2/27/11...our deepest sympathies...and soon after we had anothe rpassing: Blanche "Sally" Tinnin, 80, of Congress, Ariz., died on Tuesday, March 1, 2011, in Surprise, Ariz. She was born on Oct. 12, 1930.
"Kat- I was reading this:"
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
To give a very brief explanation of how the magic machine works; everything has a ressonance frequency of energy which will cause that energy to store inside it and cause it to vibrate or move from the influx. When this is done to viruses or cancer or bacteria, they shatter and rip apart. When this is done to some tissue, it actually heals it (since they naturally want to move). That's the causation mechanism for how the devices work. It's actually not that complicated. You just often need to have almost the exact frequency to make the afformentioned happen.
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
yoyo...when he was dying from that tainted food (Chinese ingredient) was hard and yet God shared us a neutered stray cat who loved to roll in dirt and still does and a nickname we use within this family for others is Harry so the name was born; Dirty Harry...which we all are FANS to Clint Eastwood so it stayed and so you will see Dirty Harry with Yo-Yo as Yo-Yo's life was coming to an end...we love and miss you kitty.
"I love all Shirley's movies..."
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
"Tom's Cheesy Mashed Potato"
By Congress_Arizona*, 12/19/2011 about
* potato*velveeta*onions*mayo*lots of bacon. ~cook off your bacon separate to whatever way you like it ~potato; cook like you'd mash 'em & mix in some mayo ~depends on how much potato you cook depends on pan sizes. ~take mash potato/velveeta/onions/bacon ; mix & toss in oven; 350 for 45 minutes. He is alot like me in that he eyes things & I never even had a measuring cup until a pal was going through a divorce and gave us one. My brother-in-law uses it for making coffee but I always eye everything.
By Congress_Arizona*, 12/19/2011 about
Sedona last Fall 10'
"Sandy & Twister"
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
one of our town's gems nestled near Jim T. :)
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
Joy's Hikes Archived:
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
ok, are right next to me; lazy...from your laptop just right click on photo than save to your pc than from your pc just print your old one got water damaged...oh well...just print it up, looking at the pic; that was "hair nation" 80's for sure :) ...sorry to hear the news...hey thanks "ts" for emailing this photo and for your kind words...I lost tens of thousands of my photos so without you sending it back John would of had to just deal...John likes that pic and the one of me in ASU gear doing my college homework...that one is okay water damage there
By Congress_Arizona, 12/19/2011 about
my walk with frankie & richard Spring 10':
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