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Artworks by Hokusai
San Fransisco, CA
Welcome to Hokusai's Art Store. ****** Begin by searching any topic or painting that you're looking for. Or Scroll down to see what other's have recently purchased. ***** Hokusai (1760-1849) lived during the Tokugawa period (1600 to 1867). In a Japan of traditional Confucian values and feudal regimentation, Hokusai was a thoroughly Bohemian artist: cocky, quarrelsome, restless, aggressive, and sensational. He fought with his teachers and was often thrown out of art schools. As a stubborn artistic genius, he was single-mindedly obsessed with art. Hokusai left over 30,000 works, including silk paintings, woodblock prints, picture books, manga, travel illustrations, erotic illustrations, paintings, and sketches. Some of his paintings were public spectacles which measured over 200 sq. meters (2,000 sq. feet.) He didn't care much for being sensible or social respect; he signed one of his last works as "The Art-Crazy Old Man". In his 89 years, Hokusai changed his name some thirty times (Hokusai wasn't his real name) and lived in at least ninety homes. We laugh and recognize him as an artist, but wait, that's because we see him as a Western artist, long before the West arrived in Japan. This store is a tribute to Japanese art and the great painter Hokusai. We want to provide public access to high quality reprints. All images are in Public Domain and we respect each author and their works whereas make sure that we give complete attention, respect and tribute to them.
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Kameyama  by Ando, Hiroshige Ukiyoe
Picture of a drinking party by Utagawa,Toyoharu
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Just For Mom commented on hokusai_art 8/9/2010
"Wonderful Gallery!"
Congratulations on your Today's Best Award! Janz Fine Art Studios
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Shoe Tie Design Colette commented on hokusai_art 8/7/2010
Amazing fine Art*****
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