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By mindpixels, 11/25/2008 about
What a great gallery!
By olmpal, 10/28/2008 about
Great designs, nice gallery! Olympia
By sunsets67, 10/27/2008 about
Nice Gallery!
"Great Gallery Tyler!"
By RealPotential, 2/11/2008 about
"Hi Tyler!"
By dizzypixels, 1/1/2008 about
You have a funtabulous Kiwi character, I love the little guy, is is so cute. Your gallery is awesome. I am a fan! Happy New Year and May 2008 be a great year for sales! You are talented. Hugs xoxo Lucie
"Response to your question"
By Swazzle, 12/30/2007 about
Most of our Zazzle products feature images of our puppets from the shows that we perform at schools and libraries. We try to think of funny or clever ways to incorporate the puppets on different Zazzle products.
By Swazzle, 12/30/2007 about
thanks for the nice comment.
"Cool Style"
By Swazzle, 12/28/2007 about
Love your designs. I just joined your fan club.
"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
By SweetRascal, 12/25/2007 about
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and May you and your family be blessed with Love, Warmth and Prosperity in the New Year! Hugs, Debbie
By StressieCat, 12/21/2007 about
I just LOVE your little Kiwi!! Excellent art!!
By dukesr, 12/20/2007 about
I see that you are a young guy still in school. I am new to ZAZZLE but have been drawing since I was your age Thats 50 years of cartoons,cars,cariatures and more recently silhouettes. I deveoped this style about 20 years ago and have many . many to post. Each one is hand drawn enlarged and cleaned up by hand then reduced into T-Shirt Factory and Adobe Photo Deluxe. I am not a compuer whiz. Your work shows a creative touch. Keep drawing and thinking and drawing and thinking and drawing and drawing and developing a style. Duke Sr
"silhiouettes "
By dukesr, 12/19/2007 about
Thanks for the comments. Each is hand drawn and yes they take some time. Have a lot more to post. Thanks again Duke Sr
By jezzikabret, 12/18/2007 about
happy holidays :)
"Great Gallery"
By CowboyCraic, 11/26/2007 about
first time that I have made it by for a look. The kangaroo Poster is interesting. However was that accomplished? I wish you much success! Bright Blessings, Bit
"Thanks mate!"
By dogsdogsdogsdogsdogs, 11/25/2007 about
Thanks for saying you love my border collie! Jess sends a wet kiss back!
By zrosemarie, 11/10/2007 about
You have some great stuff here Love & Hugs Rosemarie
By LynxDelirium, 10/31/2007 about
for stopping by and joining my fan club. you have some cute designs here!
By homeruntilly, 10/25/2007 about
you better not show your son these shirts trennea. lol
By trennea, 10/25/2007 about
How wonderful! I love them all..orange is my favorite...I think...or yellow...then there is blue...oh how am I supposed to decide!
By Rajee1, 10/25/2007 about
Cute gallery. Thanks 4 stopping by mine. :D
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