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- I Ruv Ruv -SHECKSHE.COM-SheckShe* Heart- Doggie Shirt
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- I Ruv Ruv -SHECKSHE.COM-SheckShe* Heart- Doggie Shirt
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Style: Doggie Ribbed Tank Top
Pamper your pup and be the envy of the dog park with this customized tank top. It’s made from 5.8 oz., 100% combed, ringspun baby rib cotton for comfort. The neck, sleeves and bottom seam have double-needled ribbed binding for strength. Select one size up for long-haired dogs. *Heather is a 90/10 cotton-poly blend.
Size: XL
XL (46-70 lbs)
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About this design
- I Ruv Ruv -SHECKSHE.COM-SheckShe* Heart-
I LoVE puppies, no wait, I LoVE puppies and kittens. No wait, that's not it either. I LoVE puppies, kittens and the word "caboodle" because it sounds funny. Wait a whole minute, I'd like to add sunrises and sunsets and bright sunny summer days, at the beach, or up in the mountains, by a lake. I LoVE a big night sky full of stars. So many stars that you'd run out of numbers just trying to count them. I LoVE my family and all my friends and all of our pets. I LoVE coffee in the morning and on the weekend a beer or two. I LoVE hearts, I mean, you know, the heart shape itself. I LoVE my shweetheart, but you know she knows I know that that goes without saying, you know? Or does it not? Oh well, anyway, I think I covered all of those bases. If she sees this, she'll probably ask me why she didn't get top billing or something like that. With any luck, she'll turn into an animal baby. I LoVE animals, like cows, for instance. I LoVE babies. I LoVE macaroni and cheese. I LoVE food. I LoVE hamburgers, and also cheeseburgers. I LoVE Hamburg. I don't know why, I've never been there, I just do. Maybe it's because it's in Germany and in Germany they have beer. They LoVE beer. I LoVE beer. I LoVE Germany. I LoVE the United States of America. The United States of America deserves top billing. I LoVE LIBERTY. My shweetheart's from Canada so I LoVE Canada for sending her down here and so I guess you could say I LoVE Canadian girls or a Canadian girl, eh? She's Canadia funny. You know what I mean? I LoVE that. Canuck, nyuck, nyuck. She's an unmistakably affectionate Canadian SheckShe* woman with a sassy attitude. Who wouldn't just LoVE that? I know I do. Let's see now, is that everything? Is that not enough? I ask you anyway. To recap: I LoVE puppies, kittens, caboodle, sunrises, sunsets, bright sunny summer days, the beach, the mountains, a lake, a big night sky full of stars, counting the stars, my family, my friends, our pets, coffee, beer, beer, hearts, my shweetheart, luck, animals, cows, babies, macaroni, cheese, food, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Hamburg, beer, Germany, beer, the United States of America, LIBERTY, Canada, Canadian girls, a Canadian girl, Canadia funny, an unmistakably affectionate Canadian SheckShe* woman, a sassy attitude and generally most everything. I Ruv Ru, I LoVE infinity and beyond that I LoVE the way it radiates LoVE from every point in time and space all the way to infinity and beyond and back again. I LoVE the WHOLE. The WHOLE is right up there with puppies. I LoVE puppies, the WHOLE, kittens, caboodle, etc, etc... Yeah, the WHOLE and everyone and everything therein contained. That just about covers it. Whoever 'tis sure does put a whole lot of thought and feeling into this here. Whoever 'tis Who is behind the constant creation of all of this production must really LoVE their work. Nary a day goes by that I don't stumble upon something or some one new to LoVE about it. I LoVE... LoVE. That's it! I LoVE LoVE. That covers it all. Forget all that other stuff. Just copy I LoVE LoVE and paste it at the beginning of this description. That's all, gotta blast. P.S. Whoever 'tis says you can select the colors! The background color and the color and thickness of the border. You can enlarge, reduce, copy and paste the hearts and move 'em all around. Woo hoo! Get down and git funky! SHECKSHE.COM -_-* -_- I know SheckShe* when I She SheckShe* Shweetheart. -_- LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Copyright (C) 2011 Marti J. Hughes; All rights reserved;*
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Artwork designed by
SheckShe Arizona, United States

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- I Ruv Ruv -SHECKSHE.COM-SheckShe* Heart- Doggie Shirt

$20.95 per shirt
Artwork designed by SheckShe. Made by Zazzle Apparel in San Jose, CA. Sold by Zazzle.
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