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About Me: My name is Ida Mary Walker Larsen, I am Danish/American, born of American mother and Danish father in 1981 in Denmark. I live with my daughter, age 5, and her father. Growing up in a highly artistic family, I was always encouraged to read and be creative. One of my two older brothers introduced me to fantasy, and the world of DragonLance. And from then on, my heart belonged to the realms of fantasy. This Inspired me to start creating fantasy creatures myself.. I've been creative since I was a child, continuing to draw when my peers stopped, developing my own style ever since. When the internet became available to me at age 17 a whole new world opened up. I got my own computer,bought a digital tablet and pen and began my journey into digital art. My style is called 'Digital Art; Mixed media' - its often combined of photos, 3D renders and digital painting. Fantasy, nature and mythology are themes that inspire me the most. Dragons, fairies, trolls and elves are creatures of my world. The past years I have also grown very fond of the steampunk genre. I also find inspiration through my travels, we try to travel each summer. Especially the nordic landscapes I am very fond of, and also the nordic folklore, mythology and fairytales. I am always open to a challenge with regard to commissioned work and in discovering new paths and techniques. I also do freelance work. Resumé: January-March 1999: I took an 'Art and Design' class at 'Andebølle Ungdoms Højskole', Denmark Summer 2003: I started working with Photoshop 7, painting lineart at first, but later photomanipulation. March 2006: I signed with art company 'Angelles Art International' - was with them for 9 months. September 2006: My art was featured in ' Photoshop Creative Magazine # 13' October 2006: My 'Sweet Anticipation' and 'Ocean's Columbine' made it to ' Pick of the Day ' at Artwanted.com October 2006: I got my 1st 'Top 10 Award' (more came later) - Digital Art category, at artwanted.com November 2006: My art was featured on the DVD of 'Imagine FX Magazine' # 12' February 2007: My 'Window of the Storm' made it to 'Pick of the Day' at Artwanted.com May 2007: I signed with MyPspTubes.com to license my art for use for digital Tags and Signatures. July 2007: I was featured in the E-zine 'Collective Conciousness Magazine # 1' August 2007: I was promoted to 'Senior Member' at DeviantArt.com September 2007: I was featured in Sci-fi and Fantasy art magazine 'Forbidden Whispers Magazine # 4'. September 2007: I won a 'Fantasyana Award' at the art community Fantasyana.com. October 2007: I made a CD cover (mini jacket) for the venezuelan metal band 'Avathar'. November 2007: My work 'Frost' was published in the digital art book series 'Exotique 3' by Ballistic Publishing. November 2007: My art was featured 'Editor's Choice Gallery Showcase - pick of the best' at the frontpage of Photoshop Creative Magazine forum. January 2008 one of my works was featured in the March issue of 'Heavy Metal Magazine' February 2008: I was featured as the monthly artist of february at [link] April 2008: My work 'Guardian of the Forest' was featured in the showroom pages of 'Art Scene International Magazine #80' August 2008. June 2008: My work 'Low Tide' was featured on the front page of the E-zine 'Timeless Spirit Magazine' June 2008: I was featured in the magazine 'Art Scene International #81' October 2008. I had a large interview, art feature and a walk through of my art work 'The Path Chosen'. August 2008: My art work 'The Raid' was used as poster and banner to promote AddictiveHobby's upcoming art contest 'Nordic Art & Graphic Challenge 2008' August 2008: A feature and an interview at AddictiveHobby art forum. Read more at the 'Trap Door' section... August 2008: I had my 2nd appearance at FW Publishing - An art feature and a interview at 'Forbidden Whispers Magazine #6'. September 2008: I finished the basic course of my graphic design studies. In danish called 'mediegrafiker uddannelsen' = 'Media graphic studies' These are the studies that made it possible for me to create my own website and art book designs/layout.. September 2008: My work 'The Night Keeper' was featured as 'Picture of the Week' at the forum of 'Advanced Photoshop Magazine' September 2008: My work 'Serenity' was chosen as the 'Members Choice Award' at the art forum 'Addictive Hobby' October 2008: I was featured with an interview at the french site 'Le Fantastique Au Féminin' October 2008: I was 'featured contributor' at the website of 'Forbidden Whispers Magazine' November 2008: I was featured and interviewed to the online E-zine 'Falcata Times' November 2008: My art work 'The Night Keeper' was featured in 'Advanced Photoshop Magazine' #50 November 2008: My art was featured in the 'Amazing Events Magazine' #1. December 2008: My art work 'Odin' won 1st place at the 'Nordic Art & Graphic Challenge 2008' at Addictive Hobby. The contest was judged by Philip Straub & Robert Chang. January 2009: My art work 'Odin' recieved a 'Daily Deviation' award at the art community DeviantArt March 2009: I licensed out 2 of my artworks as covers for a german publishing company.. More info after the books publish... May 2009: My art work 'Odin' was published to accompany an article about anglo saxon paganism in ' Pentacle Magazine ' #29 August 2009: The cult horror book featuring my artwork 'Odin' as coverwork was released in Germany. August 2009: I was assigned to make a commercial original commission for a wine manufacturer for a fantasy wine label. September 2009: The cult horror book featuring my artwork 'Poison' as coverwork was released in Germany. September 2009: I released my Limited Edition Signed Art books; both softcover & Deluxe Hardcover edition. They contain all the best of my art works ranging from 2005-2009.. Can be purchased at: My Etsy Shop October 2009: I licensed out another of my artworks as cover for the german publishing company.. More info after the book publish... January 2010: I was contacted by bestselling author Karen Chance, and took on commission to create a large number of character cover art works for her. Most to be used for her online free short stories on her Website. February 2010: I licensed out my art work 'Snowfall' to accompany a - fantasy writer Robert Rhodes - story of original fantasy heroes in a project called 25 Heroes in 2010. July 2010: I was featured in art magazine 'Amazing Events' #7 August 2010: 4 of my art works was featured in art magazine 'Photoshop Creative #64 November 2010: My art work 'Winter Solstice' was featured in pagan magazine 'Urd' # 2 - a new periodical magazine which concerns itself with nordic mythology and paganism in the past and present. Read more here: http://www.urdskilde.dk/index.php?Itemid=20

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By R.K. Young, 3/7/2013 about
awesome! love your gallery!
"Beautiful art work !!!!"
By Imagination_Art_Shop, 3/31/2011 about
love the Airship Captain print !! Im a fan
By calroofer, 3/26/2011 about
Lo Here Do I Find Treasure! Surely Odin Guides Thy Hand!
By Oni Hazarian, 3/23/2011 about
Lovely store! Great designs! oniArts
"Thank you so much guys!"
By Ida Larsen, 3/23/2011 about
I really appreciate all the comments :)
By Flowstone Graphics, 3/23/2011 about
Congratulations on being a Featured Store!
By Sphinx & Phoenix, 3/22/2011 about
Amazing artwork! Congrats on your store being featured!
By Phil Perkins, 3/19/2011 about
Congratulations on being a Featured Store!
"♥¸.•*´¨`*•.¸♥ Super Congrats on your TBA 5 STARS ♥¸.•*´¨`*•.¸♥"
By galleriaofart, 2/12/2011 about
"Love it"
By Ripper2009, 1/6/2011 about
Nice art
"your work"
By bradpickard, 11/14/2010 about
Very nice stuff!!!
"beautiful works"
By andyhowell, 11/13/2010 about
the self portraits are awesome!
By ida_larsen_art, 11/12/2010 about
Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate it :)
By MiyabiLine, 11/11/2010 about
Stunning gallery! peace & light, Aruarian Dancer
"wonderful art"
By dsilva, 10/27/2010 about
you are very talented
By PatSandman, 10/26/2010 about
Your work is beautiful!! The level of detail and precision is insane!
"Thank You!"
By ida_larsen_art, 11/22/2009 about
Thank you so much everyone! I am so glad you enjoy my art!
"Your stock photos"
By chazkemp, 10/6/2009 about
I never knew your real name. lol. Thank you SO much for your stock. Steampunk Sally has been getting a lot of really nice comments from Zazzle, friends and family. I couldn't have done it without you. By the way - YOUR art is AMAZING!!! I should be taking lessons from you! Outstanding stuff!
"Very Lovely"
By sbaker5, 9/19/2009 about
I am very much enjoying your artwork, I first found on FAA but they have no comments there. May I invite you to visit my spot as well.
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