80's Glam
Abstract Monogram
Bamboo Perch
Bamboo View
Beach Wood
Blue for the Sun
Blue Monday
Blueprint for the Stars
Born in Purple
Breakfast in the Garden
Caribbean Colors
Cherry Martini
Cloud Cover
Colors of Music
Cracker Rose
Dawn Patrol
Days Go By
Diamond Dreams
Don't Burst my Bubble
Everything Before
Everything Stars !
Eve's Eyes
Follow your Heart
Full Circle
Good Bye Blue Sky
Gray scale abstract
Hang with Me
Heart and Star Abstract
Heavy Rain
Held Up
Her Favorite Window
Hibiscus Bath
High Five
In a Daze
In the Ivy
Into the Blue
It's a Small World
Lazy Days
Left for Dead

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Imagination Art Shop is part of the 2012 Sharpie Squad 95% of the abstract drawings you see here are done with Sharpie markers ! Be sure to like imagination art shop on facebook for discount codes and to see new products, art, and photography before it comes to the 'shop' Also keep Imagination Art Shop in mind for holidays, birthdays, and special events ! Always a great place for gifts ! ** Find us on Facebook - My Space - Youtube and ImaginationArtShop.com

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"Merry Christmas"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 12/26/2014 about
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We wish you, family and everyone a blessed New Year, Ron
By Destiny, 10/29/2013 about
Very nice unique store you have!
"Hi, Your store is looking great!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 3/26/2013 about
We wish you and family a blessed Easter. Ron
By Destiny, 2/21/2013 about
By sjn_drawings, 12/26/2012 about
Amazing art! You have a beautiful store.
By SophiaArt Gallery, 12/22/2012 about
Beautiful store!
By JARHUMOR, 11/7/2012 about
Great stuff! I love the art and cat pictures!
By Henrik Lehnerer, 9/29/2012 about
Excellent store! Wonderful art!
"Lovely rainbow colours"
By PLdesign, 9/26/2012 about
I love your designs, thank you for liking my TBA!
"Amazing Shop"
By fstasu, 9/20/2012 about
You have some wonderful art. Thank you for stopping by my shop.
"Wonderful store"
By annpowellart, 8/14/2012 about
Wonderful store and products!
"Beautiful store and products!"
By StressieCat, 7/14/2012 about
A delight to view!
By Sue Melvin, 4/25/2012 about
Thanks so much for visiting and liking my store! Really enjoyed viewing your beautiful product designs! Best of luck with your sales!
By LIFE GRAPHICS, 3/12/2012 about
beautiful store!!
By Charity Dauenhauer, 1/1/2012 about
Just want to thank you for your comment! I love your art! Keep it up.
By MarianaEwa, 12/23/2011 about
Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Mariana
"Mutual Fans :)"
By MegaMart, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for joining my fanclub - Here's wishing you all the best in the New Year ~ Yonni@MegaMart
By cabbageroses, 12/19/2011 about
Hi, Thanks for joining my fan club. I just finished watching your video... it's great! Love your designs...
"thanks for the comment & joining my Fan Club!"
By Robert Pufahl, 12/19/2011 about
You've got a very unique style! Love your store! I'm a fan as well!
By romanceworks, 12/19/2011 about
You're very creative. I like your designs a lot. And those tables are wonderful. Thanks for joining my FC. I joined yours, too, and look forward to your next creation. :o) Carol
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