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Not just for cat lovers!!!!
Bartlett, Illinois  
Well, this all started when my husband and I rescued our cats. We had a litter born under our front stoop and after all the nurturing and day to day care, I started taking pictures and these guys and have been cracking up with their adorable poses. My husband said "you need to open your own website". And here I am, as well as having other cute animals and other subjects to share. Enjoy taking a look and hope you find something that you love!
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Comments (24)
KatAnnette commented on Incatneato 12/19/2011
I have four cats. I love german sheps . Used to have a white mixed one. He was the best dog. But all in all...i'm not good with dogs. I like them but never too good with training them so cats is easier for me. I might adopt another cat this summer....but not sure yet. Maybe. Did you breed cats or you got shelter cats or what?? Three of mine are shelter cats and one is a 22 yr old in July. She was a boo boo kitten of my sisters cat. LOL Have a great day. Sorry so long
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catchthenextwave commented on Incatneato 7/8/2009
Thanks for dropping by!
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BAF0313 commented on Incatneato 6/21/2009
Your site looks great! I will have to show my cat enthusiast friends your work too! Good luck to you as well!
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