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Itchy Bitchy Meany Beanie Fellows Poke A Dog Travel Mug
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About this product
Style: Travel/Commuter Mug

You don’t have to give up a colorful, funny, or attractive design for the function of a top-notch travel mug. Zazzle’s commuter mugs feature a rubber-lined lid for a tight, spill-resistant seal, twist the lid to reveal the sip opening! So, take your favorite photo, monogram, pattern, or cool design with you on your new favorite mug.

  • Dimension: 3.5” diameter x 6.2" h; 14-ounce capacity
  • Materials: Stainless steel body; plastic handle and base; rubber-lined plastic lid
  • Double-walled stainless steel helps will keep your drink of choice hot
  • Do not microwave; hand wash recommended
  • Printed on demand in San Jose, California
About this design
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Itchy Bitchy Meany Beanie Fellows Poke A Dog Travel Mug
She had to move from one end of the bar to the other. She'd had better days then this particular one. Not only was she bumped from her flight and had to kill two days in this little town until the next available flight but the temperature outside was 8 degrees and the only other entertainment venue was the Moderately Difficult Miniature Golf and it was closed until the spring of 1989, and this being the year 2010, well the bar was kind of tonight’s place to be. It turns out that there was this group of regular patrons to this establishment, a noisy bunch of really rather disgusting fellows that the barkeep all but ignored as they purchased his product more than they did food from any of the other merchants on the one mile long road which constituted the town. These fellows, for a still yet unknown reason, wore matching yellow and black striped beanies on their heads. They were loud and they were obnoxious, lewd and quite lacking in culture to put it politely. The group leader by default, apparently because he was the meanest of the bunch and the rest of them knew it far too well, became fixated upon her and slowly followed her from one end of the bar to the other. He tried to not make it obvious but that proved to be an impossible feat as he had eight bumble-bee heads in tow as if by tractor beam. On top of that he had with him his dog. His dog was better looking than he was but even still this was one ugly dog. The dog, who he called dawg, walked slowly ahead of him, not too far ahead but certainly not far enough ahead of him for the dog likes. He'd order Dawg! Stop! The dog and the whole herd of bees would stop and a silence would fall over them for a few seconds. Then they'd all resume their obnoxious ways. She refers to the dog owner to this day as Furless leader after seeing him bend over to poke the dog in the ribs only to have his beanie fly off to reveal a full dome of chrome. Then a strange ritual of sorts occurred. One by one the bees bent over quickly enough to lose their own beanies and thus exposed their own equally chromos domi and each poked the dog in the ribs, and the dog, after each and every poke would snap at the poker and then immediately turn and growl at the nearest stranger. When the growling finally died down the whole band of bees vigorously scratched their heads, and then they scratched their behemoth overall canvassed behinds. They then all bent down and picked up their beanies and yanked them back on their heads and then they again began walking towards her. Once again the dog led the way. They fanned out so as to corner her. Mustering as much suaveness as he could Furless leader bellied up to the bar next to her and while pointing at her foaming-over beer mug asked quite too loudly: "Zatchyer beer?" The other bees all took mental notes and smiled unforgetable smiles as this was happening. She carefully gripped the handle of her mug and while turning to negotiate her way through the swarm she replied: "No, this is my Martini." Well, Furless leader, not missing a beat, stepped back for the block; he raised his empty mug and offered up: "Well, well we have a lot in common, little lady; I'm drinkin' a Martini too." Then as she turned again to leave in a different direction Furless leader deftly, as if he'd been doing it all his life grabbed and tilted and emptied the contents of her mug into his in a split second's time. Then something happened that came from out of left field, from completely outside of the hive mentality. Just then a stranger thought that he would try his own hand at pokin' the dog in the ribs. Well, the dog just up and lost it and he launched. He jumped four feet straight up and connected with the funny bone of his monster, uh, master. This one of only two funny bones that the bad fellow owned just so happened to be connected to the hand which was holding the mug which contained the just pilfered pilsner. Beer flowed and beer flew. Beer went everywhere but mostly beer went all over her. Did she dress him down? Yes. Did he grin? Yes. Did she call the sheriff? Yes. Did she get mad? At first yes and then it turned into a no. It just so happened that she owned her very own micro-brewery and since that day when she wore an Itchy Bitchy Meany Beanie Fellows Poke A Dog Martini, well she can't brew the stuff fast enough to keep up with the demand. Go figure. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Copyright (C) 2010 Marti J Hughes; All Rights Reserved.
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Itchy Bitchy Meany Beanie Fellows Poke A Dog Travel Mug

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