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Merchandise from the rat magazine It's A Rat's World. A place where rats are celebrated for being the best pets on Earth! Visit us at: www.itsaratsworld.com or check out our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/pages/Its-A-Rats-World-magazine/34889987065?ref=ts

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By SerendipityTs, 2/14/2012 about
Love, love, love your store! Thank you for bringing more fun, attention and awareness to these lovable and intelligent little critters! What is Not To Love! :p
By Heypuppypuppy, 10/12/2010 about
I love your store! The rats are so cute!
"To Ms. Bizzie"
By itsaratsworld, 7/27/2010 about
If you log into Zazzle's Australian site you should be able to order any of our products and have them sent to you (Zazzle is the one that makes and sends all the items, I just designed all the images). Try this link: http://www.zazzle.com.au/itsaratsworld Hope it works, glad you like our merch!!
By ms_bizzie, 7/26/2010 about
Love it! Great Stuff!! Will you ship to Australia pls?
"the kissing rats is cute"
By AbundanceLoveTrip, 2/11/2010 about
By RattyratCindy, 12/25/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club! I'm a subscriber and I love your magazine. You have some awesome products. Can't wait to see more!
"sweet rats"
By ebroskie1234, 12/20/2009 about
Hope you all have a great holiday season!
"CUTE!! I am a fan. Sandy"
By takenotestationary, 11/11/2009 about
By Mouserkins, 10/6/2009 about
hurray for rats! (and mice, lol!) GREAT gallery!
By ccole24, 5/19/2009 about
Cool designs, nice page!
By CaArtstudio, 3/11/2009 about
Just discovered your gallery!! Love your Rat world design. If you have a few minutes, please drop by. Thanks & enjoy. :)
"What a rat race!"
By BowNRanch, 3/11/2009 about
world domination, st. patricks rat, and rat love.....how can he find time to relax! Cute, creative gallery! I have been five starring several things......esp. your Rats world logo tie and mug
"Rats Rock!"
By heartniki, 3/5/2009 about
Love your gallery! =)
By FreeHugsTrainer, 2/28/2009 about
Some cute little guys HUGS
By Dapixara, 2/22/2009 about
Cool designs, nice page!
By coconutpie, 1/18/2009 about
Thanks for the compliment ! The rat is so cute ! It makes me want to have one !
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