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Let us start with a generous helping of digital abstract meets Big Daddy Roth on a bed of stirred Picasso a la Mark Ryden ladled in Sailor Jerry's finest dressing with a light garnish of Issey Miyake, place all ingredients in a drum machine, mix well, serve chilled. In a less abstract definition, Joby is a Texas tattoo artist with more than 21 years of tattooing experience. Joby enjoys a plethora of creative outlets. Not only is he an outstanding tattoo artist, he is also an accomplished fine artist, who has had numerous exhibits with canvases flying off the walls into the collections of many of his followers.

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"Nice work."
By Kristy Patterson, 4/18/2013 about
Nice work, love love love your style. xo
By CreativeMouse, 12/19/2011 about
Cool designs. Love the kitty. I'm girlie like dat. I thought of getting into tattooing a few times but I never managed to actually do it. Do you have a site showcasing your tattoo designs?
"big thansk to everyone :D"
By jabwai, 11/22/2011 about
you guys rock! thank you for the compliments!
"Great Artwork!"
By William, 11/15/2011 about
Congrats on your feature! You have an amazing eye for art. I love the creative flow of your work.
"Great store"
By Sarah Trett, 10/31/2011 about
Congratulations on being a featured store on the home page, you so deverse it :)
"cool stuff"
By bubik, 10/28/2011 about
very nice work, wicked stuff!!
By Imagination_Art_Shop, 10/13/2011 about
Really love your art work ! Your products look awesome !!
By lauriebox, 10/7/2011 about
Congrats on being a featured store. Great designs
By POSITIVEMAMA, 10/7/2011 about
Congrats on being a featured store!!
"thank you :D"
By jabwai, 10/5/2011 about
thanks for the kind words :D..
"Featured Store"
By Donna Childree Gotlib, 10/5/2011 about
Congratulations on being a featured store! Your work is bold and fun! Donna
By Phil Perkins, 10/4/2011 about
Congratulations of being a Featured Store!
By VICENTE777, 3/4/2011 about
I love your art !!! All the best...
By MONSTERVISIONS, 11/8/2010 about
The monsters just stared at the screen.. AWESOME! We are your fans!
By zubtees, 4/18/2010 about
cool design
By schattenwelt, 10/21/2009 about
just dropped by to look at your gallery.. wow .. awesome!! great designs !
By fstasu54, 7/11/2009 about
Your designs are amazing.
By Stitchlip, 7/5/2009 about
I've known this cat for ever and i can personally say without any hesitation "He's Dope!
By thegr8chase, 4/7/2008 about
Your work is amazing. Love it! S xoxoxo
By Bwanadevil, 4/5/2008 about
Wow Man! you really kick ass with your art! Congrats!
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