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If you're partial to the darker side of art you're at the right place. Browse through a collection of merchandise based on the original artwork of artist Alissa Rindels. Sinister and seductive, these dark fantasy items would make a wonderful start or addition to any collection. Please note: Some of my products are listed under a PG-13 or R rating for mild violence (mostly that super cool "blood splatter" you see in a lot of my work, or R for artistic nudity. In order to view these products, you must make a zazzle account, log in, select the account tab, and then select the maturity level accordingly. Happy browsing!

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By fanat1c, 2/8/2011 about
Awesome artwork, I love it! Good luck with the store.
By Nekranea, 6/25/2010 about
Your artwork is wonderful, I love your store :)
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