CRAZEE dog lady
Last fling before the ring
Sorry no wifi - just good coffee!
The worlds greatest UGLY costume for Halloween
Thats MRS Bossy to you
I'm as keen as a bean with cute kawaii beanie
I'm too pretty for this office
Sarcasm is my natural response to stupid
Sweating for the Dress
I'll act my age when I'm old
Makers gonna Make with sewing needle
No thanks with an orange turkey
Obey the chef or you will fry
Too cute to be STRAIGHT! distressed cute version
Yeah nah Bro Bro I'm kiwi
Zombie love a boy or girl with brains
I am a LAWYER anything you say can and WILL
Why can't I just Download great Clothes?
Bless this MESS
Born to DANCE (forced to work)
My body is my canvas
This is my GARDEN can you dig it?
What's your problem?
Where's my FOOTRUB
BEWARE Zombie in the Morning!
Be right back I'm just feeding my UNICORN
I believe in FREE BEER and False advertising
I wasn't born to be ORDINARY
I wish my Wife was this DIRTY
I wish one of my personalities could dance!
I'm about to do something Silly
SORRY but I'm taken
Will work for NUTS
Wine and Dine Me
Yes, I'm correcting your grammar
You are no match for wit charm and intellect funny
You had me at HOLA Mexican spanish greeting hello
EAT LOVE RIDE Horse riding funny
2B1 ASK1
CHILLAX it's FRIDAY in blue
Don't get mad get even (but be sneaky about it)
For a second there I thought I was a unicorn
Hell YEAH!
Home is where the Horse is
I am who I am your Approval is not needed!
I get FREAKY in the dark


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