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Original art cartoon mugs.

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"We're Back On!"
By JDdowees, 11/3/2011 about
We're just re-checking everything, and should be adding new cartoons soon! Thank you for taking a look! ^_^ P/K
By JDdowees, 9/2/2011 about
If you see a cartoon on my www.ddandak.com site (that's also where the translations are!) that you would like in a product, please e-mail me, and I'll be happy to add it. You can also have cartoons put on any of the products Zazzle offers...just let me know what you want! Thanks- JDdowees pikachu313@cox.net
By JDdowees, 8/31/2011 about
JDdowees has been able to donate to the Red Cross for the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief effort, and also to tornado, flood, and hurricane victims in the U.S. so far this year. Thank you for helping us make a difference!
"JDdowees' Charities"
By JDdowees, 1/19/2011 about
JDdowees' percentage of the sales profits go to recognized charities: Canuck's Place Children's Hospice, MS Society of Canada, USC Pain Clinic, Doctors Without Borders, and the House Rabbit Society. Thank you for helping us help others! ^_^
By JDdowees, 12/20/2010 about
Be sure and HAND WASH printed mugs! Dishwasher's detergents & bleach will cause the printed material to fade!
"Phrases on mugs"
By JDdowees, 3/1/2010 about
I *do* provide a DannySpeak Translator for those who don't understand what the little guys are saying (think phonetics when you read it). e-mail pikachu313@cox.net
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