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Jeff was born in 1974 in the great white north of Wisconsin. He loved sports growing up. That was pretty much it. No books, no studying, no care in the world for academics, especially drawing. He never drew, doodled, nothing. He threw, caught, hit, ran, jumped and kicked. To sum it up he hated school and didn’t have a creative bone in his body...... so he thought. After graduating high school in 1992 Jeff went to college. why? Cause he knew if he didn’t life would suck. He went on to study Journalism. Journalism? Yep, Journalism. Why? Well, he was terrible at English in High School so he pursued it in college to get better at writing and grammer, etc.. What next? He knew that computers were up and coming and that the new age of computers would soon be at hand. Jeff moved to Madison where he got into Graphic Design at Madison Area Technical College. Why Graphic Design? Well, he knew he didn’t have a creative bone in his body so he wanted to get one the same way he got better at writing and grammer. Jeff climbed to the top of his class and earned an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. So, now its time to start life and work. Not quite. Jeff had admired art but knew he didn’t have the talent for it. Because art is all talent and requires no work at all right? Um, no. He knew his journey was not complete. He wanted to prove that drawing can be learned. So he did. Jeff went back to school at Madison and took drawing and painting classes. After hard work and determination he applied to the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. He worked hard and drew everyday and graduated with honors from Ringling in 2002. Whew! So, after 8 years of college and three degrees later, Jeff has found himself working in advertising while drawing and painting his way through life. He and his wife, Lindsay, reside in Atlanta, Georgia where their life together has been a blessing.

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"Talented Mr. Oehmen"
By Roger Ares, 7/13/2012 about
Hey Jeff, It kills me that we worked together and we never chatted about your interesting work. Glad I came by and visited your "shop". Really good stuff. You're a creative genius, dude! Rock on.
By goffandjim, 12/19/2008 about
Great pictures!!!
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