Color Elephant
Tropical Bird
Biking couple
Tiger color
Color Zebra
My Garden Flower
Moose Moon
African Safari blue and purple sunset
Geisha Cherries Festival
Victorian silhouette Save the date
Worlds best
Tiger Dream
African Safari Black Elephant and gold sunset
Valentines day Dancer
I dreamed of China in sepia
Looking at the sea
African Animal Party
As I walk the great wall
Looking for Mr. Darcy
Save the Date
4th generation ipod touch
SamsungGalxy S cases
blackberry cases design
ipod touch designs
Bumper Sticker
Night Owl
Messenger Bag
iphone designs
Skate Board Designs
Personalized items for you
Keep Calm Collection
Diva Wild Colors
Quit school be a Ninja
Lotus textured Flower
Butterfly Love
Flower Designs
Lion animal icon
Girl Power Skateboards
Bull fireworks

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Thank you for shopping and exploring creativity. I've created a portfolio of some of my work. Check it out at Julie

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By Destiny, 2/22/2013 about
Beautiful store! :)
"TBA congratulations."
By Castleinc, 2/20/2012 about
Beautifully done.
By scottfostersart, 11/8/2011 about
Congratulations on your TBA. Your store is wonderful. You have a great variety of art.
"Thank you so much..."
By all_items, 6/30/2011 about
Thank you so much for your very sweet words!! With the way you're carrying your store and designs, you will make it big one day. It's a matter of time. Just focus on the quality of your designs and the appearance of your store and you will be a PRO :)
By Silver Desk Design, 4/7/2011 about
Amazing store! Thanks for a visit. **It took me a while to find your store. It might help others to find your store easier if you put links on your profile:)! have a great day! Mlle Lilly
By writtensouls, 9/21/2010 about
Love the fantasy concepts and the detailed work :) I am promoting it at: View the promotion!
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