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welcome to the gallery of fun. here we celebrate fun in many dimensions. from the joys of raising autistic kids (we have 2) to the wacky world of particle physics.CHECK OUT ALL OUR CATEGORIES IN THE left HAND COLUMN! we'll be adding more categories and subjects across time so hopefully we will cover your interests if not now, then shortly. proceeds from this gallery go to raise our kids and prepare for their future. hopefully you'll find something you like. please feel free to feature our items on your website. your support is much appreciated. thanks for looking jim

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By adam, 9/22/2012 about
is it possible if you could do a particular design for me please?
By CreativeColours, 12/19/2011 about
AWESOME gallery...had some good laughs :)) KEEP up the SUPER designs & I'm DEFINITELY a new fan of yours now!!! HAVE A FUN WEEKEND :))
By The Art of Pamela, 7/3/2011 about
I like your designs, I think they're great, I hope you make many many sales on them!- Pamela.
By someofthedharma, 4/16/2010 about
Keep up the good work! Some of the Dharma
"Love it"
By adamthechef, 3/10/2010 about
love ur shop and designs. im a fan 10/10
By dawnmcininch, 12/12/2009 about
wonderful new products, wishing you all the seasons best wishes and hope you have many many sales, merry christmas and a great new year, dawn,bristol,uk
By dawnmcininch, 11/26/2009 about
luv your new collection, and wow you gallery is looking awesome,well done,happy thanksgiving day,dawn
"Funny, funny"
By jffmiller, 11/14/2009 about
So many smiles and chuckles here. Thanks!
"Love your designs!"
By Make_me_laugh, 11/9/2009 about
Love them so much that I have featured several of your Hanukkah designs at; Make Me Laugh - Hanukkah Edition
By FanofReagan, 10/18/2009 about
Thanks for finding my gallery! I'm glad you like it. I have to say though, now after visitng yours: my humor is humbled! Nice stuff!! Good luck! I may be a customer soon!!!
"5 ******"
By aliciagrime, 9/24/2009 about
Very Nice Work Here Kool Gallery
"Thanks for stopping by!"
By Aquavel, 6/19/2009 about
Great Gallery! I'm a fan! ~ Melanie aka Aquavel & VintagePets
By Holder, 6/14/2009 about
I am from Cleveland area, too!
By tonidreams, 6/13/2009 about
Thank you for the comment. Your work made me smile. Great stuff.
By katie37, 6/13/2009 about
Awesome gallery!
By DesignEntice, 6/12/2009 about
Thanks a lot for that comment! That really gives me a good boost =] Cool gallery up in here =] Richyrich
By brendenhoward, 6/8/2009 about
hi,thanks for your kind comments,love your site and what you are doing,good luck and welcome
"Thanks for the comment but..."
By mindpixels, 6/8/2009 about
you have got one creative imagination yourself.
By captphrank, 6/8/2009 about
I"m also a Bond Fan...capt.
"Hi Jim...."
By captphrank, 6/8/2009 about
Thanks for stopping by... I love your Physics Jokes.. I'm a Quantum Fan... I love knowing when I'm in a room alone with the door closed, outside isn't what it appears to be, only what we precieve it to be... Heres one for you: "Physicist make bad relationships: They Super String you along"...I made that up..You can have it...Your Fan ...capt.
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