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WELCOME TO MY STORE! Please choose from a wide variety of products and designs in my store to fit your personal style! From address labels, stickers to T-shirts or bags... All products can be easily customized with your personal information. You are always welcome to send me your custom color or design requests. If you like any of my products, but need it in the other color or would like to buy more matching items(postage stamps, stickers, rsvp etc.) please write me! I also sell my designs - contact me with the link of the design you like, and I will give more details. I am very thankful for all my clients, for all those people who buy from me so therefore I am full of inspiration to create new wonderful works. Thank You! You inspire me to be at my best. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ P R O D U C T S--F O R--Y O U R--W E D D I N G! Please choose from a wide variety of the quality Wedding Cards, Wedding Invitations, RSVP, Magnets, Stickers, Save the Date and more. All designs in my special wedding collection cover a wide variety of styles and themes that may be customized and personalized. Please feel free, to contact me at anytime, if you would like a certain design in a different color or would like to buy more matching items (such as envelopes, table number cards, menu cards, program cards, etc.) I would be happy to help you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ B U S I N E S S--C A R D S! Business cards must give the best possible impression of the person or company and for that reason should be highly professional. Please choose from thousands of business card design templates I made with love and care. And don’t forget to push the “customize” button to personalize it with your logo, if you like change the font style or colors etc. Be free and play with my business cards design. But if you need more freedom or more matching items - please contact me I would be glad to help you! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ B I R T H D A Y--I N V I T A T I O N S! Special birthdays deserve special birthday invitations! Choose from a lot of invitation designs for every kind of birthday party and birthday person. I am full of ideas and I like to make very different designs. So choose from birthday invitations with photo or without, from vintage or modern style, from elegant or crazy, etc. If you need more matching items or to change colors of a the certain item please contact me at anytime. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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"Hi Jinaiji, You are welcome."
By Ronspassionfordesign, 8/11/2014 about
Thanks for your visit and all the kind words. We wish you a blessed week. Ron
"Hi Jinaiji, You are welcome."
By Ronspassionfordesign, 8/11/2014 about
Hi Jinaiji, Cool Sleeve!" By Ronspassionfordesign, 1 second ago Thanks for your visit and all the kind words. We wish you a blessed week. Ron
By jinaiji, 5/13/2014 about
Please contact me directly via my email:
"Save the date boarding pass"
By Erika, 5/12/2014 about
I have a question regarding save the date boarding pass and my email to you keeps getting rejected.
By J D, 5/12/2014 about
What a delight to browse through your store!!!
"Vintage wedding tickets w/ elegant flourish"
By Anastasia, 2/25/2014 about
Hi Jinaiji, I'd like to print on the back of these & want to make sure that I print on the correct side so that when the RSVP stub is detached, it doesn't cut off any other type on the back. When I'm looking at the back, the RSVP portion (the part behind the RSVP stub) would be on the left, correct? Thanks!
By HappyValleyDesigns, 2/5/2014 about
Great designs here! I'm a fan.
"Seahorses boarding pass tickets - vintage wedding invitations with RSVP in one"
By A.M., 12/16/2013 about
Can you please give me the deminsion of the RSVP?
By jinaiji, 8/30/2013 about
Please contact me with the link of the product and we will start working via email:
"Blue Light"
By Laura, 8/30/2013 about
Hello Jinaiji. I have been looking for a blue to match my goals. I fell in love with the design called "Blue Light". I purchased the design in the business card format, and I am looking to have the design in a note card. I will be sending out Thank you cards and would love this design. Would that be possible to do?
By amanda, 8/28/2013 about
Hey, im trying to figure out how to get in contact with someone who can help me out with some questions i have about one of the wedding invitations im interested in getting, anyone know an email or something i can use??
"Just gorgeous"
By longdistgramma, 3/24/2013 about
Wonderful designs.
By Destiny, 3/14/2013 about
Congratulations on your latest TBA! Hope you & yours have a joyful Easter! Cherie
By Destiny, 3/14/2013 about
Congrats on your latest TBA! Best Wishes, Take Care! Always Destiny 5 ★★★★★~~~
"Hi Jinaiji, You're welcome for the TBA Congrats.; may you receive many more!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 3/14/2013 about
Thank you for your visit. Good to hear you have your computer up and running again, I know how frustrating that can be! We wish you and family a blessed Easter. Ron
By Destiny, 3/1/2013 about
Hello Jinaiji, Outstanding artwork, Aces! 5 ★★★★★ ~~~
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