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Must tell you first about JUDE, she is the white mongrel (border collie cross) with a black eye patch and black splodge on her bottom, She's in loads of my pictures, that's why it's called "Jude Too " She was my best friend for 15 years and just drew herself in. I'm old - but still kicking. Born in North Wales UK sometime in the last century With chalk and a blackboard fixed to the side of my cot the "magic" that blue and yellow made green bewitched me, and so the art began. Then there's the horses, they' re deep in my soul. I came with two passions, horses and art, my first words were: "Where's the Horse?" There was no horse, my parents were not rich, in those days just after the second world war life was hard, food was rationed, everyone kept chickens so we always had eggs. One chicken a beautiful Rhode Island Red (called Red of course) allowed me to put her in a dolls pram and I took her everywhere, she was very sweet and I liked her lots she wasn't a horse, but a chicken was better than nothing and Red had character. There was a forge nearby where horses were shod, the blacksmith must have been well amused by the spectacle of the arrival this little 4 year old girl (tomboy) with a chicken in a pram come in the hope to see a horse. I had two lovely older sisters, Barbara and Shirley, Beryl our wonderful mum raised us alone. Our father absent. I never knew him, but he left behind a book "the figure and drawing animals" and his drawing board, pretty good substitutes, I loved them and still have them now. Colwyn Bay where we lived there were the "Thomas Stables" with several ponies, Dolly, Sarge (my favorite), Squibs, Cloudy, Smoky and Spitfire, there was also Little Smokey (the first horse I rode but he was sold to someone), and a big tall horse called Pal, he fell ill and died. - The very next day !!!!! a dog food with the brand name PAL came out, horror, I thought it was him, I was only a child. At the Thomas's stables, Eddie and Lil Thomas allowed me to put a little tent under the apple trees during school holidays and I never went home. But Mum would come to insist I went home for a wash, she put me in front of the bathroom mirror and said .. "Look" ... I was just a normal tomboy with, well a bit of a dirty face nothing serious, so it was wash then straight back to the Stables/Heaven. Fast forward to 1963, in Colwyn Bay high school, my art teacher, Mr. Martin was the best, once he asked the class to paint a man kicking a ball, we all made drawings, they were not very animated. Then he, with a few deft strokes of chalk on the blackboard, magicked up a man who was kicking a ball with all his might. A revelation, it is because of this lesson with Mr. Martin that I can animate my drawings. He taught me another thing too, he said, to draw action make sure your subjects will land on their feet, that they do not fall. Mr. Martin, thank you for your genius. Wrexham Art College in the sixties, abstract art was all the rage, but I was just not motivated by the hidden allures of the guts of a TV (well the bit's of copper twinkled I suppose) or a kitchen sink (unless there was some action there like someone washing up) I liked drawing figures, nature, and situations.Couldn't see the advantage of throwing paint on a canvas placed on the ground, then the passage of a bicycle on it (apart from the fun of course). I love the old stories, legends and made many drawings of mythological and "fantasy" as well as paintings and screen prints. Fast forward now to 1989, when I realized my dream of having a small equestrian center, it was from that moment that I started doing cartoons about horses. People and their horses were so funny, all drawings are taken from real life, horses and people exist. So Jude Too "greeting cards are born; JudeToo Why? Because Jude, my adorable dog never left me, she was always by my side; She serves as a model represented in my drawings and my logo. "Judetoo: Jude's there too."
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