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"iPad Mini cover"
By Doug, 9/16/2014 about
Sorry. This is the link to what I'd like to get in an iPad Mini cover... http://www.zazzle.com/kansas_point_of_know_return_2007_vinyl_binders-127943059770068197
"IPad mini covers"
By Doug, 9/16/2014 about
I would definitely buy an iPad mini cover (closeable) that had the logo of the Point of Know Return Binder: http://www.zazzle.com/kansasband Let me know if it ever becomes available.
By Ron, 12/1/2013 about
Guys, great selection but prices are way too high!
By Steve, 2/20/2013 about
Masque was the biggest for me, love to get a shirt with that cover...
"vintage Kansas"
By Dave, 10/27/2012 about
Any chance of getting any vintage t-shirts & memorabilia of the original lineup?
"Song for America"
By EC1968, 7/8/2012 about
A Song for America t-Shirt is an absolute must ! get with it ;-) Please add it to your list of t-shirt options.
"In The Spirit Of Things / Power"
By ts8586, 5/21/2012 about
Any plans on adding any In The Spirit of Things and/or Power merchandise in the future?
By Jeff, 5/11/2012 about
This is a very exciting collection of Kansas stuff, but it is glaringly missing Masque, Audio Visions & Song For America. Also hope to see full color Monolith images.
By Glenn, 5/3/2012 about
Love some of the new Kansas merchandise. Where's the AudioVisions Stuff?
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9 results