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You read SecondHand Tryptophan , right? It's only written by the most brilliant and profound person in my house! Wait, or is that profane? I always get it confused. I suppose one could say that profane is in a different tense from profound. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's right. Oh, you can find 2HT at secondhandkarl.com Now, go forth and buuuuuuuy. Buuuuuuuyyyyy Karrrrrrlllll's stuuuuuuuuf. They are amazing products. You will love them all. They're ergonomic. And systematic. And hyyyyyyyydromatic. You will now awake and find yourself with the overwhelming urge to buy anything associated with Karl Erikson and SecondHand Tryptophan, which is written by aforementioned Karl Erikson at secondhandkarl.com It's copyrighted and stuff.

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