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By JARHUMOR, 11/12/2012 about
Great cartoons!
By magma26, 12/19/2011 about
Aw, you're my #1 (only) fan! Thank you for your lovely comments.
"Alright, your stuff is just too awesome. Joining your fanclub for sure. We want you to have a stic"
By classictshirts, 2/10/2009 about
By sinn_78, 11/28/2008 about
very cool stuff.
By fat_fa_tin, 6/5/2008 about
i like your work! :) joining your fan club now!
"i love your cute drawings"
By FishJelly, 3/13/2007 about
they are still but i feel they are moving and dancing... fun!
"your stuff"
By starvingsteven, 2/18/2007 about
i enjoy, keep it up
By katie123go, 1/13/2007 about
guys! =D
"your stuff Is so bomb. Especially the crayon one. I love it."
By mikburg, 12/6/2006 about
By ginabobina1990, 12/5/2006 about
i love all the stuff uve done. i didnt even know u could put a pic of urself and show everything uve made haha. i really like ur stuff =]
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10 results