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Welcome to Irish Colours Gallery - here you can find gifts with an Irish flavour ! You may also like to visit my other Zazzle shops: BUCHAREST COLOURS - http://www.zazzle.com/bucharestcolours BLACK WHITE & GREY-http://www.zazzle.com/blackwhiteandgrey CHRISTMAS COLOURS - http://www.zazzle.com/christmascolours MY COLOURS - http://www.zazzle.com/mycolours Thank you. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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"Holiday greetings!"
By JoAnnHayden, 12/12/2012 about
Happy Holidays my creative friend
By Lula Becraft, 12/11/2012 about
Great store like your designs!
By Shadowind_ErinCooper, 6/22/2012 about
Thanks so much for liking my store! :D you've got some great products here too keep up the good work! :)
"Hi! What a pleasure to get the notification that"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 12/19/2011 about
you joined my fan club! I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. It's just one of those times where so much seems to be going on. I gave a vote to your China Rose products. That design is gorgeous. I'd like to have a summer dress in that fabric! I sincerely look forward to return visits to your gallery, to! Thanks again. - -Rebecca
By JoAnnHayden, 4/28/2011 about
Your store and design are looking fabulous. From a big fan!
By capturedbyKC, 5/8/2010 about
Very bright and colorful! Amazing products. Keep it up :-)
"new fan"
By Debrene, 4/30/2010 about
your sneakers are fabulous , Many ***
By KKeleyArt, 3/31/2010 about
Wonderful designs and photography! I'm so glad to have found you on LinkReferral. I'm a new fan. Wishing you all the best, Krisi
"Alan Heuer - "Landscapes of the West & Beyond""
By AlanHeuer, 3/26/2010 about
I am honored to have you as one of my fans. I have just been awarded the Medal Art Award on Zazzle. Stop by for a visit.
"Hello from Oz"
By JoAnnHayden, 3/23/2010 about
Flying in via referral link. We have joined your fan club. Your gallery is set up beautifuly. We shall give you a rave review. Come visit us in Oz sometime(wink)
By rohan12, 3/6/2010 about
I've updated my profile info and my shop. Just though I'd let you know!
By someofthedharma, 1/21/2010 about
Keep up the good work! Some of the Dharma
"Neon Glow"
By allicor, 1/21/2010 about
beautiful, just became a fan
By AwesomeZazzlers, 12/25/2009 about
Joyeux Noël, Katy! Congratulations, you’re an Awesome Zazzler! Your artwork has been awarded for Excellence in Artistic Design and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery.
By Pebbli, 12/24/2009 about
Merry Christmas and have a super New Year! =)
By Stronsy, 12/3/2009 about
I LIKE IT. Lovely gallery and I'm a Fan. Stronsy - Here to please... Pleased to be here!
By RulanCapperStarr, 11/29/2009 about
Thank you for your kind comment. Have a great Christmas.
By Chez_Momo, 11/25/2009 about
Thank you Katy for joining my FC. Love your florals
By RulanCapperStarr, 11/21/2009 about
Wonderful store you have. Thanks for joining my fan club.
"WOW - Thankyou"
By taiche, 11/19/2009 about
Many thanks for introducing yourself and your store. You have a wonderful range of images and perfect gift concepts. I am a fan!
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